Mogilev Drama Theater - Place of Cultural Heritage of Eastern Europe

Hello to all! Every major city has architectural landmarks. In the city of the Belarusian city of Mogilev, one of the main attractions is the ancient drama theater. This is the oldest theater in the region built in 1888. The construction was carried out on voluntary donations from the residents of the city. This building has become a place of attraction for residents of the city and tourists. At present, the Drama Theater of Mogilev has retained its cultural grandeur. Money for the construction of this building was collected for about 20 years. This place is considered the cultural heritage of Eastern Europe.

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The Drama Theater is located in the historical center of the city. The building is built of red brick, which stands out against the background of the surrounding architecture. On each side of the drama theater there are balconies and porticos, previously a popular solution for stately buildings. In front of the main entrance is a sculpture of a lady with a dog in a hat and with an umbrella. Every weekend, a chamber orchestra plays in this place. A tradition that has survived through the centuries.

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The foundation of the Drama Theater is located at a depth of more than 10 meters. The fact is that in the XVII-XVIII centuries Mogilev was a defensive city and had many fortifications such as deep ditches. For all the time, many famous actors and pianists have performed in this drama theater. Among the audience of the theater were the classics of Belarusian literature Yanka Kupala and Yakub Kolas. It left a cultural mark on this place. The fact is that before the construction of the cultural building, performances were held in private homes of local residents. Not the best place, right?

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However, in the mid-1980s, the Ministry of Culture proposed to destroy the drama theater building. Local residents opposed such an initiative and demanded that the historic building remain in its original form. In connection with mass protests, the authorities refused to destroy the building. Individual elements look interesting. Each entrance to the theater and windows are decorated in the steel of the building. It looks like an old Russian style. For example, the ornament on the windows and various elements reminiscent of the style of ancient Russian architecture.


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Every time I photograph historical buildings I try to get inside. In the case of the Mogilev Drama Theatre, in order to get inside, one had to purchase tickets for one of the performances in advance. I did not have such an opportunity, and therefore I made an attempt to get inside to take photos specially for #architecturedesign.

photo1642091368 (1).jpeg Before entering, the audience is greeted by a little boy dressed as a hare. He greets each guest and wishes a pleasant pastime.

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photo1642091368 (2).jpegEntrance to the underground part of the theatre. There is a wardrobe for guests.

The building of the Drama Theater in Mogilev has a rectangular shape with a rounded end-shaped wall. The main façade is decorated with two tower-shaped forms. However, over the course of history, the theater was rebuilt. It originally had a white façade, but is now red. The optic back accommodates 500 people. Part of the architecture was taken from the example of the Warsaw Maly Theatre. Pretty good in my opinion.


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There are few drama theaters in my region. But I love cultures and ancient architecture. The Mogilev Drama Theater stands out against the background of the surrounding reality. This is an atmospheric place that fascinates with its architectural beauty and history. Visiting the Drama Theater left a cultural mark on me. What do you think of this place?

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Camera: Xiaomi Redmi note 9 pro
Location: Mogilev, Belarus

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Incredibly beautiful façade! I am in love with the cultural designs all around globe and this structure very well portraits the essence of culture.
Keep on sharing the experience.
Have a great day ahead pal

I am also a big fan of architecture from all over the world. Thank you very much and have a nice day!

Such a stately building. The inside is gorgeous!

It's great that the people stood up to the politicians who wanted to erase this history. The fact that a small band plays here weekly over the centuries is a testament to the love of this place by the residents. Bravo!

Thanks for sharing this place with us!


This is an amazing example of history when people protected the building from demolition. This is a really popular place among tourists and residents of the city. Thank you very much for your attention and support!
Best wishes!

I love this alley, it is gorgeous.


Oh yes, I really liked this place too. Looks pretty cozy!

Did you enter when there wasn't a performance?

" order to get inside, one had to purchase tickets for one of the performances in advance. I did not have such an opportunity,"

They open the doors at the beginning of the performance and at the end. I went after the performance and managed to take these photos. Many thanks to @ahmadmanga for your support and attention ☺️

Oh, I was thinking you went on a day with no performance but after the performance makes more sense. !PIZZA

Oh yes, it is. Thank you very much for the pizza!

what a magnificent structure! 😃 it's interior does look cozy and warm, also now that you've pictured these amongst the snow, i seem to understand why it has been painted red contrast to it's original white exterior 😁 thank you for sharing this culturally enriching place!

Oh yes, in winter this building looks great and stands out from the surrounding residential buildings. I'm glad you liked it. Many thanks🤗

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