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RE: [ENG] San José de Chacao Ecclesiastical Parish / [ESP ]Parroquia Eclesiástica San José de Chacao

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Hello @marcosmilano71, I'm just catching up with previous posts now. The white walls and the ceiling design combination look great. It allows to emphasize and highlight the beauty of the pulpit for example with more focus on the altar. It looks serene and well kept. Have a blessed Sunday!


Hello friend Arni. @discoveringarni. Greetings from Venezuela. Thank you for your accurate comment. Well received comment the day and the time because you are an extraordinary woman, an excellent professional and a wonderful person. So do not worry, here we appreciate you and we know that you are a busy person but that you are always very aware of what happens in this great family. Receive a strong virtual hug full of positive energy and lots of light. God bless you, take care of you and protect you always and give you a lot of health and prosperity.

Hola amiga Arni. @discoveringarni. Saludos desde Venezuela. Gracias por tu comentario certero. Comentario bien recibido el día y la hora que sea porque eres una mujer extraodinaria, excelente profesional y maravillosa persona. Así que no te preocupes, aquí te apreciamos y sabemos que eres una persona ocupada pero que siempre estás muy pendiente de lo que pasa en esta gran familia. Recibe un fuerte abrazo virtual cargado de energía positiva y mucha luz. Dios te bendiga, cuide y proteja siempre y te de mucha salud y prosperidad.