A Mooch Around the Ruins of Sutton Scarsdale Hall, UK

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We called in at Sutton Scarsdale Hall which is a Georgian mansion built in 1724-29. The mansion passed through many owners and sadly the interior was exported to the USA as architectural salvage. However, the interiors of three rooms are still on display at the Museum of Art in Philadelphia. Only the shell of the mansion is left.

You cannot go inside the ruin as it is deemed too dangerous so there's fencing all the way round.

You can still see some of the interior that is left like the fireplace and columns.

There is what is known as a ha ha ditch surrounding the lawns of the hall. This was dug out to keep the deer from the nearby deer park away from the hall.

It was nice to call in and see great architecture and the good news is, renovation work has started. It will be interesting to see what they do with it.


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It's an interesting post anyway!

Thank you. 😊

Who is renovating it? It'd take some cash huh! A shame they can't reclaim the stolen interior from the US. Doesn't seem right.

I think it's the English Heritage but they started doing it a few years back. Whether it's a funding issue I'm not sure. I agree it doesn't seem right that it was sold off.

Ah. Yeah jeez funding would be a real issue!

Happy that the renovations are started, but the essence of the history is still there in the beautiful 'Ruins of Sutton Scarsdale Hall'.
Great pictures, keep flourishing.

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It must have been very amazing during its heydays. As for the renovation, I hope that they will produce an exact replica of it. And I will be very glad if you could share with us about the renovation, thank you very much in advance.

Thank you @afterglow. I think it may be a long time, sadly.

I see, thank you for the response. Have a nice day ahead.

Honey you can't go inside. if you could enter there would be a lot more cool photos.

I usually find a way in but not this time. 🙂