Bodyworks, The Most Beautiful Spa I’ve Ever Laid My Eyes On

Hello my dear friends…
Who likes to go to spa? I am. I am a spa lover. It just makes me feel good. Just being in a spa can makes me feel so good, but with the combination of great design and architecture it will be like a sweet little paradise i will let myself work to death as long as i can afford the treatment in there. Get a treatment in such a beautiful place will not only heal your body, but also your mind, trust me.

Anyway, me and my husband went here during our honeymoon trip since we’re feeling quite under weather due to the busy schedules of marriage and honeymoon. We went to some other spa and thats gonna be the talk to another time because this is a place thats been on my bucket list since the first time i laid my eyes on their social media. So many influencers come to this place. There’s also some brand that do their photoshoot in here. This is a famous place even if you’re not in Bali or even plan to go to Bali because the pictures of this place is all over social media.

Me and my husband entering from the back door since its the closer one from their parking space. I thought that their back entrance gonna be plain and boring like we can see in some other place. It is surely plain but so far away from boring with little ornaments and two different doors leading to their main hall. I think that the choice to use a light green paint in their back entrance are such a genius idea. As we enter, we will see hedge of green leaves, we see beautifully trimmed grass, and green wall. What makes me think that its a genius idea are after we saw all the green, we see the glimpse of orange or pink (as seen in the picture i attach) and when we finally pass through the door, we will getting hit by all the bright pink or light orange color. Its like entering a new dimension.

This is their front area. This is where we will register our order and anything we do before we start doing the treatment. There’s also a coffee shop where we can buy some dessert like cakes and cookies along with coffee or tea while we’re waiting for our appointment time. So, in the right side of their front area are their waiting room and mini coffee shop. In the back of it, there’s also a small shop where we can use the products that they use during their treatment and many other ornaments we can buy but sadly i forgot to take the picture of it.

After the front desk, there’re two sofa swing they provide for us while we’re waiting for our treatment. In another way, this is their extended waiting room. While in waiting room before open for everyone, start from this point, its only for people that make appointments in there. The sofa is pretty big because i saw that it can hold up for 4 to 5 people in one sitting. This is a good spot to take pictures but the lighting will be quite bad since there’s not much light come into this area.

This is their restroom and locker room. The design that they have in their locker room and interesting and i have never seen a locker room like that before yet i cant take picture of it since there’re many girls changing their clothes and i dont want to invade their privacy. Its quite a pity because their restroom are absolutely gorgeous. Once again, they use the combination of green and orange color. To be honest, i have never thought that the two colors can looks so good to be paired like that because of the character of both colors.

This is the big window that we can see as we go to the second floor with the stairs. The window is big and made of woods. The holders of the stairs also made of wood. There’re also a lot of ornaments made of woods in the wall near the big window.

This is the second floor. Not much to see in here because its filled with treatment room. Doesnt mean that you cant take some beautiful pictures in here if thats what you want because the place is looking gorgeous also in the second floor.

Last but not least, the most famous spot in Bodyworks. If we’re talking about Bodyworks, this is a spot that will be talked the most. This is also the spot that became the reason why some people come to this place. This place also the spot where so many people lined up to get their picture taken when they came to Bodyworks. Its their pool. Once again, they use the combination of green and orange in here but the paint getting substituted with water. Its beautiful both taken from the first floor and the second floor.

What do you think of Bodyworks?
I love this place and i will make sure to visit this place again the next time i went to Bali. I came with a lot of tiredness both in my body and mind yet i came out from there with a lot of energy flowing inside of me. For the design, i think that its a classical design reminds me so much to India type of architecture . All the open spaces, the color, the wood. Thats all i can think reminds me of. Its a beautiful classic design hard to be found in Indonesia.

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amazing views of the spa, I'm sure if the service is good, many people will visit @firayumni

The spa is amazing and many people visit them so we can only come by appointments

It is a beautiful place to rest, heal the body and mind. The orange color is vibrant, I love it! and the central fountain is very pretty with those leaves in total stillness. It is a very welcoming place. Does it work as a hotel, that is, you can stay there or is it just to stay while you wait for the treatment?

Sadly, we can only get treatment in there but your idea is so good. I cant imagine if there’s a hotel with this kind of concept here. That would be so awesome.

Oh yes, if you can stay there for a night it will be wonderful

I guess it's not just a place to relax, it's more than that. The owner of Bodyworks has thought of everything his visitors need, creating beautiful memories and truly extraordinary experiences.

You should put this place in your list if you go to Bali one day. Will not regret every money spent in here.

a very suitable place to clear the mind and also make the body more relaxed. From the first impression it was very pleasant and I thought the ambience was also very luxurious, like a spa with royal facilities.

Its a good spa, the place is so exotics. It will surely heal both our body and mind when we visit this place.

Oh wow! I'm speechless @firayumni! This is absolutely one of the most luxurious spas I've ever seen in my lifetime. At first glance, I thought it was a royal palace, probably due to its exotic Indian architectural signature. That building's well-defined terracotta walls, surfaces, and distinctive arches have truly presented a design statement due to its stunning plus eye-catching finishes and profiles, That breathtaking pool and other exquisite amenities have undeniably added to the overall rejuvenating experience of the place. If this masterpiece of architecture was an attractive woman, this would surely be love at first sight for me, lol. 🤣

If there was something you would wish to be improved in that facility in terms of architecture and design, what would that be and why? 😊

Like i said, i will work hard so i can afford the treatment in there easily next time… its worth the price, i also think their price is reasonable for the thoughts they put into every corner of the place.

In terms of architecture and design, i dont know what else i can ask them to improve because in my bare eyes, its already enough. What i put in here (pictures) is not everything since i dont have enough time when i visited this place. If we look at other people pictures on social media, we can see how more gorgeous this place are.

Certainly, I'm with you @firayumni and I truly understand how you felt during your experiences in that spa. I'm glad you have become one of their loyal guests, not only for their products and services but most importantly, for their incredible architecture and design. Kind greetings! 😊

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