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RE: A Little Tea, Minimalism and Playfulness

Minimalism encourages us to focus on what matters most. It reflects our lifestyle and spaces. Undeniably, to achieve minimalism, we must first declutter. We removed things that we no longer use or require and prioritized what we need in our lives. In design, minimalism offers a better spatial experience and more light when we declutter and focus on functionality. It speaks less visual distractions results in more productivity.

Again, minimalism inspires us to live with less and only what is necessary. People were downsizing for the better. Life becomes less complicated and less stressful when we declutter and live a minimalist lifestyle. Many people have tried to embrace it but have failed due to the illusion of decluttering and downsizing. Since we have a fixation on decluttering and downsizing, some people do not understand minimalism well, whether in life or the design of built spaces.

Dear @juecoree , I agree with you! Minimalism seems to be a trend that has emerged with the purpose of reducing the stress on humans in an increasingly complex and huge world!
By the way, From point of my view, Minimalism maybe originated Japan?


Minimalism maybe originated Japan?

Yes, it resembles Japanese's Zen philosophy, which putting prime importance on what truly matters rather than accessories in life.

Enjoy a slice of !PIZZA