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G'day @architecture+design and well done to @ocd for such a wonderful initiative helping support neiche communities grow and bringing awareness to the broader block chain. I've been sitting on this images I took with my Phantom 3 drone not knowing where to use them and scrolling through my feed I found a group that would really appreciate them. Thank you for that.


My submission to the challenge is urban design and I think it's one of the most vital aspects in architecture and design as it is what builds thriving communities and creates joyful places to live work and play.


My wifes a local government councillor and part of her role includes setting the direction of our growing municipality which is probably one of the hardest aspect of her role. You can't undo or knock down and rebuild an entire suburb if you get it wrong so it is vital that urban design including look and feel of each suburb is acheived early on or it's a recipe for disaster.


Further impacting the design process is that Australia is a multicultural society and in my community alone there are over 156 different nationalities that call our municipality home. 40% of residents are born overseas so it is important that you capture everyone's wants and needs into the planning process to ensure successful thriving suburbs.


Early on town planning wasn't a major focus it was alot straight forward, here's some land build houses on it. Oh now we need a school put a school here, we need a park now let's find a small place to put it. This unfortunately led to "concrete jungles' and in the process hundreds of thousands of trees were removed creating what is now referred to as "hot zones". A reduction in trees also increases heat in suburbs and densely shaded communities can be upto 10°C+ cooler during peak summer periods. In Australia that's alot!


Fortunately in today's day and age Urban design incorporates alot more than just houses and a build as you go mentality with municipal councils planning education zones, recreation zones, shopping precincts, health precincts and entire communities are built around these plans.

Roads and traffic direction are also incorporated in design to support the reduction of bottle necks occurring and at the establishment of new municipalities round abouts are used instead of traffic lights. Once populations increase they are replaced with traffic lights.


Wet lands and water is also a common theme which has really picked up alot lately, bodies of water provide moisture for the air on hot days which also provide a cooling process as well as being incorporated into the look and feel of communities providing a community asset for walks, exercise and enjoyment.

Probably one of the most important forms of architecture and design.

Thanks for having me and I'll be sure to pop around for future show cases of aerial views of many of the wonderful architectural and design master pieces in Australia, from the air.


G'day @melbourneswest! We warmly welcome you to the Architecture+Design Community, and thank you for publishing your first architecture and design post!

Your incredibly stunning aerial photographs truly fascinate me, and I’m glad you finally found a home for them here! Indeed, urban planning and design is such a complex process and requires the professional expertise of an experienced urban planner to ensure the smooth living conditions of its inhabitants - thus harmonizing the perfect balance between natural and man-made elements. Your municipality, for example, has 156 various nationalities so, I could just imagine the immense diversity of cultures, lifestyles, and beliefs in one place! In your opinion, what are some urban design features in your community that have improved your standards of living there?


This is a great question and there is alot.

I moved to the growth corridor of Melbourne's West which will have around 1m people move into it over the next 10 years. Alot of town planning and urban design is going into it's development.

From water catchments that treat and clean storm water before releasing it back into the environment. This has allowed for healthier water ways


The inclusion of those 156 nationalities in a contemporary but traditional manner provides great viewings. I don't want to miss out on the food. Many have brought traditional cuisine to Australia and on any given night in Melbourne you can eat in any country. Its a working class suburb so alot of the meals are quite affordable in comparison to other parts of Melbourne.


Bike tracks and walking trails amongst natural habitat which is incorporated into design. With it I am surrounded by reports and native animals. A blend of urban city with a country feel that provides habitat to animals.

The current policy is 30 minute cities, everything all within 30 minutes of your home and no further.

Zoning of areas such as rec, health, sporting, education means we have Precincts. Easier to get to and more likely to get more involved with your community members. I've made alot more friends out here and engage with people more often.

There's so much.

Thank you

Hello @melbourneswest, welcome to Architecture + Design Community! I agree with what @storiesoferne said regarding the importance of proper urban planning to create a perfect balance between nature and man-made structures.

It is valuable for every town/city to create a masterplan, considering the needs of the community, the current issues it faces, even anticipating the possible challenges that may come as the town grows. When backed by sufficient research, the best possible solutions could be incorporated from transportation, education, health facilities, social, environmental impact, etc as the population rises.

The zoning of various areas you have mentioned seemed to have been well considered in the development of Melbourne West for easy accessibility. Glad to hear that this arrangement (having precincts) has enhanced social and engagement in your community.

Thank you for illustrating and highlighting the importance of urban planning with your article.

My pleasure and it was wonderful being able to share them with the community. I look forward to sharing a lot more. I have a few other places in mind to take the drone up and show some designs.

There has already been too much ENGAGE today.

Oh wow! Your municipality is certainly blessed with amazing amenities that other urban areas would be dreaming to have! I particularly love the bike tracks and walking trails that are connected to the natural surroundings. This ideal setup would encourage more residents to stay behind and contribute more to the already thriving community! Beautiful post!

Thank you and yes it is really nice out here and alot of thought went into planning it.

There is a nice aqua cleansing filtration system that I'll fly my drone over in a few weeks when I get a chance.

It's absolutely marvellous

Great, keep them coming! We're excited to see more of your marvelous drone photos!

There has already been too much ENGAGE today.

Hello @melbourneswest , The pictures are commendable, indeed the planning of the city is essential and urban designing has been crucial part of Architecture. Great post
Have a wonderful weekend :)

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houses and soso close to each other...
is it ok for people?
and so unusual (for me) roots. what material is it?

We used to have quarter acre blocks for everyone however, due to population boom created significant issues with sprawl which led to congestion and strain on services.

The trade off is more public open space maintained by local governments and cleaner water ways. Growing up it was good having alot of back yard space but didn't have much to do in it.

That being said, I prefer the open space and take off to country towns where family own acres upon acres of land for half the price of one of these homes. The trade off there is no work or services.

Is it perfect? Not sure but Melbourne has a population of 5million and growing rapidly each year. This section alone will increase by 1m in the next 5 - 10 years.

That being said, the block my wife and I purchased is

Greetings @melbourneswest, we welcome you to the Architecture + Design Community!

The Architecture+Design Community is an Active Member of the OCD Communities Incubation Program

Thank you, such a wonderful community I look forward to sharing alot more images and information on architecture + design in Melbourne, Australia.

I think there is a rise in the popularity of such settings. Maybe it is the most efficient way of temperature control while housing as many as possible. Almost picturesque to the older civilizations that get uncovered, except there is no layering here for water to trickle downwards.
It will be challenging to make everyone happy, especially with 40% being outsiders trying to merge into the community.
I think the first step would be to get the basics done, like you mentioned parks and water bodies. Then the rest could follow.

You're so right, I believe the value and importance of good town planners are under-rated as it is vitally important to create happy spaces for future generations! Your aerial photography is stunning @melbourneswest

Thank you for your words, yes it is an under rated field and this just goes to show the wonderful world that can be created if we really want to.