Finding tranquility in chaotic city life! (Feat. Lotus temple and Rashtrapati Museum)

From being frantic last year to working on a set goal this year, Life has evolved.

It feels pure joy to write on my comfort zone #hive after months of interval.

Catching up on few months of 2023

January this year started with a big search on a new office space for us to initiate our young Architectural firm. It was very exhausting experience but I got to visit couple of space in between to find some calmness and peace.

Starting my year with a ritual solo visit to LOTUS TEMPLE.




Would like to brief you out on this architectural marvel of my city Delhi.
Built with phenomenal architectural and structural techniques under the guidance of Fariborz Sahba, this structure stands tall depicting Biomimicry using it's petal like shape and minimalistic sandstone used all around complex.

The teachings of Bahá'í Faith runs around this structure where one can sit inside peacefully and quietly preaching any god of their respective faiths. It's a meditation hall with wonderful ground of volunteers guiding each and everyone.



Yes, that's the basement level of the actual structure. It's beautifully symmetrical surrounding pools of water bodies.

It always astonishes me how the process of designing a meditation hall with so much of layering and depth that it becomes a a landmark for the city.
If you want to learn more about this marvelous landmark of Delhi, here's my
Previous Publication on the lotus temple.

Funky Hair, Don't Care!

After this we found an office space which I will share once it's decorated nicely.
Now that I had some work in hand and dedicated space to sit, things seemed like coming together, so I got my hair colored LOL!
Weird logic, but I did it.


Moving on with Beautiful Rashtrapati bhavan Museum



The last day of last week of last month was filled with misty breeze , with winters leaving and summers arriving, there was cool breeze all around.

During noon, I along with my mother spent a day exploring Rashtrapati(president) museum.
Luckily the city I live in, is the capital of India and all the central government forces and valuable architectural assets to government and nation are mostly found here like president's house, parliament and headquarters of all the forces and embassy.

Into the lush green Central Delhi area, we entered the Rashtrapati ( presidents) bhavan area. It a large and beautiful complex. we were obviously not allowed inside the main president's complex, but just around it's periphery, into the museum.



OK Fun fact! Around 6 years from now during my 12 th grade schooling, I was selected in group of 5 kids from school to take interview of our the president Hon. Mr. Pranav Mukherji.
So I had a privilege to have a tour inside.

Anyways, coming back to the museum tour of last month. we discovered so many fascinating things.
Mostly the gifts presented to our presidents from years by other nation's guest hosting by our country.
Even there are symbolisms and different historic items used by our presidents over the years.




The structure of the museum was very unique, it was very colonial just a ground floor from outside (which you must have seen in initial post)
and boom! you go inside it's three story mostly cylindrical structure with huge skylight in the middle.

I was astonished by the planning, only 1 level is on ground and rest are all in basement. It's under government and so well planned, You have to book a free time slot and then visit there and along with other visitors a tour guide will be assigned who will take us all to different items and explain us every significance about it.




From depicting sculptors of historic events held before independence to keeping a copy of real constitution in the showcase. It's all very much a wonderful place to know our history, present and let me tell you about future-


That's 3d image. Also there was a section showing Virtual reality! which unfortunately I couldn't capture through my phone.

Now, let's have a little glimpse of few of gifts-








That's too many pictures, But Trust me I refrained myself on adding more!

Moving ahead of this museum was a samller museum, which was a horse stable until past 7 years ago and then as it wasn't much used so our then president turned it into a smaller museum to keep more glory of nation in it.

I was astonished as to how beautifully it was maintained-







You could see how the ceiling was made wooden and how all the stables were repainted and then each section had some glorifying element.
Everything was so beautiful and it was such a proud moment to witness it all.

Before signing off, wanted to share something.....
As the tour guide was showing us the huge wall with name and photos of timeline of all the presidents till date, and then there was an empty frame at the end which she said it will be anyone maybe someone among us! Anddd Goosebumps al over!
That was such a beautiful manifestation.

It's been a rollercoaster ride till now of year 2023, But I am hoping and praying for everyone and myself to accomplish their goal and happiness this year.


Until next time...

All the images belongs to me.



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Okay! so this gave me confidence to post my publication too. I truly missed hive as you did.
Great job buddy.

Absolutely buddy! It feels great to get back on Hive. Can't wait to read your post soon.

Lovely images you’ve shared here. Great that you had the opportunity to interview the president some years ago. I wonder what you asked him.
I’ve never been to New Delhi but I have a good friend who’s from that city. 😃

Thank you dear @fruityfruitz for your kind words.
We asked The President a lot of questions which were prepared by my school admin.
Rest it was an amazing experience.

You’re welcome. Thanks for sharing.

I am fascinated by the dome of this building. Very beautiful

Hey @nnurdiani It indeed is wonderful.
Thank you for your kind words.

Hi @sahiba-rana, what a productive walk you had with your mother, this museum is amazing, it has so many spaces to observe, I imagine the tour lasts several hours.

In the area of the gifts to the presidents there must be beautiful works of art, if I had the opportunity to visit this museum I make the most of the time not to miss the beautiful decorative details of this building, especially the ones on the top of the doors, they look like delicate lace made in wood, the ceiling panels are also very attractive, thank you for sharing your visit.

Happy and blessed

Hey friend @belkyscabrera Thank you for your soft words and keen interest in detailing.
Indeed the tour lasted upto hours and the details are amazing.
Have a great day ahead :)

@sahiba-rana, your post is a breath of fresh air in the middle of city life's craziness. It's incredible how sites like the Lotus Temple and the Rashtrapati Museum can provide a feeling of calm and tranquillity in the midst of a bustling metropolis. Your evocative descriptions and wonderful photographs took me to these tranquil locations. Thank you for sharing your stories and reminding us how important it is to find moments of serenity in our hectic life. Good to hear from you in awhile.


Hi @juecoree It indeed is important to maintain a healthy balance in life.
Thank you so much for your wonderful perspective and kind words.
Happy weekend :)

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Thank you @aplusd. Very grateful.

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Always a tremendous delight to host your fantastic stories dear @sahiba-rana. Keep them coming! 😀

The temple is enigmatic, the roof captivates my attention and I understand the reason for the name and the water in the pools of water. It is an ideal place to meditate. I see that many people gather in the place, so I understand it is a regular meeting place, right?

Hello @tibaire ,You absolutely got it right, the name reflects the design.
It indeed is always full of people meditating and roaming around.
Thank you for your kind words.

I like the museum. The men in the museum looks very realistic :)

Indeed friend @oneplanet
The museum is great.
Thank you for your time.

@sahiba-rana What a great experience!!! Loved the photos, thanks for sharing this opportunity. Your post vits beutifull.

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