A Museum With the Shape of a Large Ship

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A large, dashing ship that sails the seas. We always remember gallantry. We will be amazed at how a ship can seem to dominate the sea on its surface.

Likewise when I saw the "ACEH TSUNAMI MUSEUM" in the city of Banda Aceh. I was really amazed by this museum building which resembles a ship.

When we enter the front area of the museum, we can see building details such as woven bamboo to reflect the traditional values of Indonesian society.

From this location, we cannot see the entire building which will look like a large ship. Due to limited visibility. If I go back, I also can't get the maximum view because it has to be adjacent to the main road area. That's why I included an image source from a news website to show you how similar the shape of this building is to a large ship.

source of the picture from kumparancom

This ACEH TSUNAMI MUSEUM was built to commemorate the terrible natural disaster that occurred on December 26, 2004. Reminiscing also reminds us that Aceh, especially Banda Aceh, is a tsunami-prone area.

source of the picture from kumparancom

It is hoped that this magnificent museum will serve as a reminder to the local community that at any time a tsunami could happen again. People must not get tired. Must always be alert.


The "ACEH TSUNAMI MUSEUM" was inaugurated on February 23 2009 by the president of the Republic of Indonesia at that time, namely SUSILO BAMBANG YUDHOYONO.



The main area to go deeper into this tsunami building is through a fairly long dark alley. Visitors must pass through this section to get to the main area of the building.


This alley is called "tsunami alley" (alley tsunami in Indonesian). The information written on the wall explains that this alley will make us feel like we are at the time of the tsunami. Honestly, I felt goosebumps.


In this alley, the sound of people praying and the horror of tsunami victims were played.

This alley, which is deliberately made dark, makes visitors really feel transported to a time of deep fear as if they were transported to the same location when the tsunami occurred.


Next I headed to an interesting room called the "chamber of blessings". From the outside, this room will look like a ship's chimney.

Soaring high above. According to the source written on the wall of the room, this chamber of blessing is shaped like a well with a height of 30 meters. At the top there is a pronunciation of God's name for Muslims. Islam is the majority religion in Aceh.

This chamber of blessing also reflects the mass grave for tsunami victims at that time. That is also why, around the chamber of blessing there are 3600 names of tsunami victims which reflect mass graves.




Coming out of the room called the chamber of blessings, I headed towards the popular visitor area. The bridge. Like being in the middle of a building.

From the bridge we can look down at the garden which has a fountain. Unfortunately when I arrived, the fountain was not on.

Then when we looked up there were many flags from various countries that helped the tsunami victims to get up and start development again in the city affected by the tsunami.



From this bridge we can feel how big this museum building is. With some details similar to a ship.


Unfortunately, many of the other rooms were under renovation when I visited the place. So I can't share much.

There is also a cinema room where we can watch recordings of when the tsunami occurred. It's just that visitors are not allowed to take photos or record the surroundings of the cinema so I didn't have this moment.

One more thing I heard about this "ACEH TSUNAMI MUSEUM", the top of the roof of this museum can be used for the evacuation process of the community if a natural disaster occurs.

Overall, I was really amazed by this "ACEH TSUNAMI MUSEUM". reminds us to always be alert to tsunami natural disasters if we live close to the ocean. Apart from that, it also reminds visitors of how important the human feeling of helping each other is.

My only hope is that this "ACEH TSUNAMI MUSEUM" will really be maintained so that for years to come the facilities and building elements remain solidly clean and well maintained.

Thank you for following my journey this time in the city of Banda Aceh. I'm Sobat Kelana.


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As impressive the architecture of the museum is, as sad the story is behind its design. It's unfortunate to have such places to remind you of how fragile life can be in some parts of the globe.

The museum is created to always remind people there, because the sea side area. Tsunami can come suddenly. So people must be be aware.

In the past, people around do not aware what tsunami it is.

Thank you for commenting, @gabrielatravels

Wow I am in awe of such a magnificent and exuberant building.

The place is really unbelieveable.

Apart from having a beautiful design, there are many sad stories about why this place was built, which makes your skin crawl when you have to remember it @sobatkelana

Yes feeling sad when we remember about the real event @maytom

Thank you for commenting

Wahhh, what a unique and beautiful structural design. But reading about the tsunami disaster and how prone the place to it, I feel scared. It's like living in there will nake you think a lot about it 🤔

Hey @ruffatotmeee

I feel scary indeed especially when I go inside the tsunami alley. But it was nice experience

Thank you for commenting

Hi @sobatkelana, a great museum, the shape is similar to a boat and the view is spectacular; the sad thing is the story behind the tsunami, although I think the purpose of this monumental work is to pay tribute to the families victims of this tragedy and not to forget this painful page in the history of the nation.


The purpose to write the history and let people always aware about the tsunami

Thanks for commenting

Actually, the construction concept of this museum is unbelievable. It looks like a big stadium when seen from the air. The shape of the front attracted me more. No matter how beautifully created, there are many tearful memories behind this. However thanks for share amazing architectural featurs to us. Greetings.

The museum itself being big monument also to make every one not forget about that sad moments

Thank you for commenting

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Wow beautiful picture 😍😍😍