Entry for the Shadow Contest/SMASh. Tree playing with shadows, the protector of nature

in Shadow Hunters2 months ago (edited)

I didn't even plan to place this photo here since I didn't notice the beauty hidden in it.

It was a photo to show a worker who would attend a trampoline how to get there and I took that photo to show him.

But looking at it calmly you can see how the tree plays with the shadows.

He is what a painter capturing beautiful paintings in shadows.

Here you can see how in the shadow he looks like a giant with his face on the right side as if a natural protector watching over us, to see if we protect the vestiges of nature that still remain.

Tell me if you see the shape in the shadows or what you see, waiting for your comments and suggestions,


Nice shadows you got there. And I think it would be nice if you added some descriptions about the photo or where you took it :) The contest states that you need to have at least 50 words😉

If I already entered the description, I was editing it and I made a mistake and I put publish instead of saving draft, I apologize

That's okay, no need to apologize :) Good luck to you on the challenge 😉

Nature is incredible, it does surprising and beautiful things, even creating shade is excellent
You are an excellent hunter of shadows and reflections, dear friend @alfrin, thank you very much for showing us this beautiful shot
have a happy day

It is a beautiful tree shadow!



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