Reflection Hunters Contest Winners ~ Round 36

📣Reflection Contest Winners📣


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The 5 selected Winners will receive 3 Hive each and 100 Ecency points

















Many Thanks to everyone for sharing your fantastic Reflections with us and for supporting the Shadow Hunters Community🌞Reflection Hunters Contest. Gratitude


Is now open for entries in the Shadow Hunters Community


👉Reflection Hunters Contest Round-37

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👉Shadow Hunters/SMASh Contest Round~191


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Thank you very much for choosing my entry into the winning rows 😄 -- congrats to @dodovietnam, @tibaire, taufar, @chrislybear too, for their nice entries .. and a big thanks to @annephilbrick for hosting this great contest 👍

Your most welcome
Thank you for sharing your beautiful Reflections.
Amazing Nature :-D

Was a pleasure .. always again 😉

Thank you so much for the support, i really appreciate it!!

Congratulations to @dodovietnam @adalger @taufar and @chrislybear !!!

Thank you very much @tibaire, Congrats to you and @adalger @taufar, @chrislybear as well. Great job everyone.

Thank you for entering and sharing your beautiful Reflections
Your most welcome!

Wonderful collection of reflection photos! This time I like the one by @chrislybear the most, but others are great, too.

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 78 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thank you for the Rehive and BEER

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Thank You...!!


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Thank you for sharing and supporting the Reflection Hunters Winners post..!
@papilloncharity and the DNA team🐛

Only a pleasure Lady Anne.

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Wow thank you so much!!!! 😍


Your most welcome 😊
Thank you sharing your awesome Reflection and participating
@chrislybear 🍕🍕🤗🍕🍕
Thank you and most greatly appreciated.

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how are you dear friend @annephilbrick good afternoon, beautiful selection. this week they have presented beautiful images
congratulations to all the winners
I wish you all a beautiful afternoon

There are so many beautiful Reflection images being shared weekly. Always difficult to select just 5 winners out of all the amazing entries.
I hope you have a fantastic day.. :-)))

Thank you very much @annephilbrick. I'm very happy that my post was chosen. Have a nice day.

Your most welcome..!
Thank you for sharing your beautiful Reflections with us.

Congratulation to the winners! Beautiful and colored pictures!

thank you very much @annephilbrick @melinda010100 @ecency and all friends that I did not mention one by one. Your support is a passion for me. I am quite happy with the gift given