Reflection Hunters ContestWinners ~ Round #45

📣Reflection Contest Winners and Special Announcement📣**

🎉 Starting in the New Year 2022🎊

The Reflection Hunters Contest will be hosted by 🌞@olgavita
The Shadow and Reflection Contest continues to grow with participation🤗. It is equally exciting as it is time consuming. With @olgavita hosting the Reflection Contest I will have more time to help @melinda010100 with Shadow Contest.
I truly am going to miss hosting the Reflection Contest but will continue to enjoy seeing everyone's fantastic Reflections and supporting the Contest.
🐝Be sure to follow @olgavita and keep an eye for the next New Round-#46 in 2022. I will reblog her post to help those that are following.

Wishing everyone a Healthy 💞Happy 💞New Year💞


🤗Thank you @melinda010100 and the Shadow Hunters Community @hive-179017 for supporting the Reflection Hunters Contest.

🤗 Thank you @ecency for awarding POINTS to help Communities grow, we are able to add 100 POINTS for each winner to our prize package. To see your points rewards go to your wallet.


The 5 selected Winners will receive 2 HBD each and 100 Ecency points















2 - primera miniatura (1).jpeg


😊 Many Thanks to Everyone for sharing your wonderful Reflections with us and for supporting the Shadow Hunters Community🌞Reflection Hunters Contest.

🏆The Winners were chosen from entries posted in the Reflection Hunters Contest post and in the Shadow Hunters Community.


Shadow Hunters/SMASh Contest Round~200
hosted by @melinda010100


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Dear @annephilbrick, thank you for everything you have done and are going to do for the community! I am very grateful for the honor you have done to me. ❤️ I promise to do my best for one of my mostly loved contests to help the Shadow Hunters Community grow.

I know you wil do a fabulous job hosting the Reflection Contest
I'm excited and looking forward to a New Year of Reflection and Shadow photos..🌞..!
Thank You for helping and supporting the Community..:-))))


Thank you for the

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🤗Thank you..!!!
For your support and encouragement..🌞!

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 87 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thank you for the Rehive🐝
and the BEER🍻
Greatly appreciated..🍻🐝.

Hey @annephilbrick, here is a little bit of BEER from @pixresteemer for you. Enjoy it!

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Thank You!

Congratulations to @azissuloh, @travelshots, @meraz01, @jishan5 and @ojosdecanela - the winners. The photographs you presented are amazing!

Wow, thank you so much! I feel honored to be among the winners! Many congrats to the other contest winners! 😊

Your most welcome..!
Thank you for participating and sharing your beautiful Reflection Photo.

Congratulations to the winners. The photo of @azissuloh is extremely beautiful. I liked it a lot.

Thank you for all your hard work @annephilbrick and welcome @olgavita to host the Reflection hunters contest! 😎 🎅

🤗Thank You and your most welcome..🌞😊🌞..!
I have a great passion for the Shadow Hunters Community and will continue to be actively involved🤗. Both contest delightfully continue to grow with participation.
💞🎉Exciting New Year 2022🌞

Thank you and exciting New Year to you, too! 🎅 😎

Thank you for welcoming @hive-179017! I promise to do my best ❤️

I know you will! 🎅

Thank you so much for your support.

Your most welcome..!
Thank you for participating in the contest and sharing your delightful Reflection photo..📸.

Aawww this is so cool, thank you VERY much 🤩✨

🌞Your most welcome..!
Thank you for participating and sharing your beautiful Reflection📸✨.

Wonderful reflections!

Awesome reflections! Congratulations to all the winners and participants as well. We will miss you @annephilbrick but I have no doubts at all @olgavita can meet the challenge of hosting this awesome contest. Onwards to 2022!!!!

Thank you for your kind words, @gems.and.cookies. We all will definitely miss @annephilbrick in this conest!

🌞Thank you..!
I will miss hosting the Contest but will continue seeing and enjoying everyone's beautiful Reflections🤗📸🌞!
@olgavita will do a fantastic job hosting. I'm excited going forward into 2022..🎉💞

Wow such a wonderful reflections photos as selection is really awesome.

congratulations to all the winners
a warm welcome to @olgavita as the new contest host.
and a huge thanks to @annephilbrick for outstanding management of the contest from its cradle.
and Happy New Year to all

Thank you @eolianpariah for your warm welcome. I will do my best for the contest and the community.

Thank you..!
Beautiful and awesome Reflection photos were shared in every single Round 🌞📸🌞!
I'm so pleased and amazed how the RHC has grown with participation..💞🤗.
🎉Happy New Year🎉

Congratulations to all the winners sad to see you go @annephilbrick I am sure @olgavita will do a great job I like to wish you both a lovely new year enjoy and be safe 😊 See you all next year.

Thank you @kohsamui99 for your warm greetings. Have a nice and prosperous new year too! 🎄 See you very soon.

My pleasure @olgavita take care have fun and see you soon 😊

Thank You !!
I will continue to be very active in the Shadow Hunters Community💞.
I'm totally excited for Reflection Hunters Contest in the New Year 2022🎉📸.
@olgavita is excited and will surely be a fantastic and delightful host.

My pleasure @annephilbrick I am sure you will you are always doing a great job. Take care yourself have fun be safe and see you next year 😊

🎉A Healthy,Happy and Prosperous New Year to you🎉

Congratulations to all the winners and you have a great new year see you all next year.

Beautiful reflections!
Congratulations to all the winners !!

Congrats to the winner! Awesome reflections.

Happy New Year Annie! 🥳 All the best to @olgavita in taking over the Reflection Hunters contest. As you mentioned, Annie, this will give you more time to assist Melinda in the Shadow contest.

Thank You...!
Wishing You a Healthy💞Happy New Year...!!
I will for sure remain very active. The Shadow and Reflection Contests are growing with participation..🌞.

Thanks @annephilbrick for all your dedication to the community, see you around, I am sure when you and @melinda010100 put your heads together #shadowhunters as well as #reflectionhunters will explode with new users. I welcome @olgavita as our new host, thanks for climbing on board.
Happy New Year 2022!

Thank you for your warm welcoming, @farm-mom! Have a happy and successful New Year 2022!

Hello I am Fallowing you now to help support the Canada front end on Hive, a room which you have joined. I hope to interact more and soon in the room.
Cool post those are some gems of reflections.

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Thanks Anne for joining... this is much appreciated! Please say hi to Wes... 😊