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Thank you @olgavita for the kind invitation to this contest.
If I come across an interesting reflection in water, mirror or glass, I will definitely take a picture. You can always find something on this topic in my archive. But the archive is not available to me right now. I am on a long trip.

However, yesterday I was forced to return to the forest in search of lost glasses. I had to get on a bike and drive about 3 kilometers along a road that is not covered with asphalt. Of course, I have met surfaces that are ready to share reflections with me.

I mean puddles... :) It had been raining the day before and there was no shortage of luxurious puddles. If I saw a reflection from them... well, you understand that the camera was hanging on my side.


A puddle, of course, is not a showcase glass or a mirror. Moreover, the sun had almost disappeared below the horizon and there were deep shadows on the road.

Sometimes reflections show us what you won't see right away. I noticed this pillar with a sign only in a puddle and only then in its place.


Eventually the sun sank below the horizon. But there was a second shift in the sky. On the other side of the sky, I noticed a piece of cheese that looked like the moon :)


In a sense, the moon is also a reflection... the sun. It does not emit light itself, it can only reflect.


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Thank you for participating ❤️. The reflection in the top picture is not a common one. Is it your choice for the contest?
Телефон не показал картинку в entry comment. Я уже отправила это сообщение, а потом проверила в компе - всё в порядке с фото.

в последнее время платформа как-то глюки выдаёт... :(
Я тут пытался намедни пост опубликовать... в результате трижды наспамил ))
Вроде что-то подправили, но видно не всё))

Cheers and !BEER

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