My entry reflection hunters contest round 143

in Shadow Hunters3 months ago

Good afternoon friends who are looking for or hunting reflection images, I am very happy to be here again to share the images that I have prepared today in the reflection contest edition.

but before that I want to greet all of you who have visited my post, thank you for your visit and attention, I hope my friends will like it.
and here is my entry for this reflection hunter contest round 143:




wow I am very happy to be able to attend and participate again in this reflection contest, this time I brought a reflection image which I think is very beautiful, a street in the afternoon with the reflection of electricity poles makes a very aesthetic image

And that's what I can write and publish here on this occasion, thank you all for visiting this blog post.

And as information, perhaps all friends also need to know "I originally wrote this article in Indonesian and I used Google Translate to translate it into English." And if there are errors in writing words and sentences in this post, I apologize and hopefully friends can understand it. See you in the next post By : @big.whale


👍 ❤️ Upvoted ❤️ 👍

What a joy to read you again dear friend @big.whale I hope you are enjoying a great day
What beautiful reflections you have gotten in the rice field, beautiful shots, I appreciate you sharing these colorful reflections
Have a great morning



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