My entry in the Shadow Hunters Community Contest - Round 310. Corrective lens shade.

in Shadow Hunters2 months ago
There are signs such as zoom out, zoom in to focus well on objects that the sense of sight is not quite right and is an alert to make a visit to the ophthalmologist for our respective checkup, most likely is to leave with a formula to adapt the corrective lenses to improve vision. In my mission to hunt for shadows I was struck by the shadow cast by my mom's glasses that when placed on the table and with natural light I immediately took several pictures to share in the community, one of the things I liked was how the figures were seen in the rods.

This is my participation in the challenge organized by @melinda010100, round 310 in the #ShadowHunters community.👇




Photos taken with my Xiaomi Redmi, 9C.

I invite you to participate, here is the link:



Good shadow hunting, the second shot seems like they are looking at you jjjj. greetings

Thank you for visiting my publication. Greetings @tierra-errante.

Awesome shadows! The detail in the shadows is wonderful!



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