My entry to Shadow Hunters/SMASh Contest Round 194.Shadow of a black dragonfly.

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As I always keep in mind the initiative called by @melinda010100, from the #ShadowHunters community, in this space today I want to share the shadow of an insect.

Now, I had a problem, I did not know the name of the insect, which led me to check with the Google Lens application, resulting in a black dragonfly, an insect that likes to make short and low flights over the water.

As you can see, its body or thorax is dark and the wings are transparent, it can measure about 8 centimeters and with the wings extended about 12 centimeters.

Its habitat is rivers and shallow water streams, but in rainy weather it usually moves where there is vegetation, that would be the explanation of why a black dragonfly appeared in the garden.


Photo taken with my Xiaomi Redmi, 9C.

If you want to participate this is the link:


Don't you love Google Lens? I love dragonflies. Thanks for taking the time to identify this one. It has a lovely shadow. Thanks for entering the shadow contest.