My entry to Shadow Hunters/SMASh Contest Round 196. Shadow of some hearts.

in Shadow Hunters6 months ago
As I always keep in mind the initiative convened by @melinda010100, from the #ShadowHunters community, in this space today I want to share the shadow of a plant with heart-shaped leaves.

My participation.
Midday, the sun is intense, the plants are receiving the rays directly, among them the heart plant, casting a spectacular shadow, which I captured the photo to share. The heart plant stands out for having a dark green color on the top side, the bottom of the heart-shaped leaf is purple.

Photo taken with my Xiaomi Redmi, 9C.

If you want to participate this is the link:


What a nice shadow of a plant! Thanks for your participation in the Shadow hunters contest! 😎

Beautiful plant shadows! I love those perfect hearts. Thanks for entering the shadow contest again