Entry for the Reflection Hunters Contest, Round 144

in Shadow Hunters3 months ago

When winter comes, and the sky gets cloudy, it gets cold, it starts to rain, but also snow, what else do we do but to hide in the house and not go out, unless we have obligations.


Walking is reduced to a minimum, even if it happens that the weather is bad over the weekend, so it kills our desire to leave the house for the weekend, we only have to go out for the obligatory trip to work.
And then I can make some pictures of the reflection on the street. A picture of a truck, a car, a tree...




And so that everything isn't gray and dark for this week's contest, I'm pulling out a couple of pictures of reflections from the gallery when the weather was nice, from a walk by the lake, where I caught the reflection of the sky, as well as some with glass surfaces where you can see a tree or a clear sky in the reflection ...
How beautiful those pictures look with good weather...
I can't wait for winter to pass. Although, I'm almost sure that there will be some interesting reflections on the pictures with snow for some of the contest's pre-existing reflections.



What's the weather like in your place at the moment, dear Hive hunters?
Do you take photo on a rainy or sunny day, is it summer or winter? Or maybe monsoon season?


Lovely reflections!! @duskobgd

Thanks dear @christinepoulos, glad you like it 😀

Oh, I see you are from Cyprus 😀
I had my favorite summer vacation destinations until I came to Cyprus one year. Protaras delighted me. A phenomenal place to rest. I have to share more of my pictures and favorite moments in Cyprus with Hive communities.

Yes do that - Cyprus is a wonderful holiday destination @duskobgd

Yay! 🤗
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