entry smash 297: off the wall shadows

we haven't had much sun for quite a while so i went through some photos from last summer that i never got around to posting. you know how when you go to an art museum or exhibition and there are some sculptures with only sections of the body, missing head or arms or whatever, well it's like that in the realm of shadows too.

this one is my entry called


this wall is along one of the docks in the harbor. 'kun for overnattingsgjester' is norwegian and informs that the dock is reserved 'only for overnighting guests' though the harbor is in Stavern it is administered by LARVIKHAVN




What a shame that you are deprived of the presence of the sun, dear friend @eolianpariah2, but it is good that you had these shots in your photo archive to participate in the contest.
Thank you very much for showing us these shots. I take this opportunity to wish you a beautiful morning

no worries my friend. we are going to india soon and will get plenty of sun there


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Good planning! These are great and made me look twice to figure out what was happening here! 😂 Clever shadow photos!


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well, the shots are candid sp rather than planning it was more a case of being there when the sun was at the right height and taking the shot when it presented itself. it would be easier to understand what was going on if you had seen the dock. i guess i could have explained more but then again maybe it is more intriguing without a detailed explanation.
thanks for the LOH