SMASh 297 - Show Me A Shadow Contest Round 297 - About Group Shadows And Dreams

Hello SMAShers. Round 297 is upon us in this very exciting challenge, the Show Me A Shadow Contest or SMASh, hosted by @melinda010100. Check out the contest post here. Do read up and join us soon in the fun.

About 5 years ago my daughter and nephew went on an excursion to a mountain resort outside the city. They were with classmates, all of whom were nurses, studying the German language. With them as well was their German language professor who joined them. Germany is open to nurses all over the world and is, to this day, on a hiring spree for nurses to work in Nursing Home Care Centers and Homes For The Aged. The only condition is nurses have to study German and pass the B2 German Language proficiency level before they can be hired and given a contract of employment.


In the group picture above, my daughter is standing third from the left and immediately to her right is her German professor. My nephew, on the other hand, is the guy at the extreme right with his hands raised. Among all these hopeful students, only my daughter and nephew made it to Germany. All the rest either dropped out or did not make the B2 exams. German is indeed a very very difficult language to learn. Here are my daughter and nephew.


Here are some other shots of the group in the resort that they went to.



And the name of the resort they went to,
in case Hive moons and some of you would like to visit our tropical country to escape the cold winter weather over there.


It was a long journey from the Philippines to Germany but with perseverance and sense of purpose the trip ended where it was supposed to, at least for the two. Here's a recent picture of them in a bar in Munich, Germany.


You might be wondering who the cute little girl is. That's my nephew's daughter. Yup, my nephew married and now has a kid in Germany. But I digress.

For this Round my entry is the first photo.

And that's all for now. Keep working on your dreams and never give up no matter the difficulty. The hardship will eventually be just like a shadow that will vanish once the light of your dreams shine down on you directly. Have a blessed day everyone.


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