Reflections of Houses in the Water of Rice Fields "My Entry For Reflection Hunters Contest ~Round 144~"

in Shadow Hunters3 months ago (edited)

When night turned into morning, I enjoyed the breeze in the rice fields and I found something beautiful there. there is a reflection of the house and neighbwor's fence into the water in the rice fields which looks very calm.

The atmosphere is still very calm, still very calm, far from the noise of vehicles, it feels like being on the edge of the rice fields enjoying the reflection of the shadow of this house is already very pleasant.

This reflection comes from my neighbor's house, there are two houses in the yard, so there are two reflections in the water of the rice field.

I took this shadow reflection next to my house, precisely in the rice fields, Aceh, Indonesia

Thank you for holding this contest @olgavita I hope my post is useful.


Wow! Such a beautiful reflection 😍

Ooo thank you

Hello dear friend @hannan1 good morning
You are an excellent reflection hunter, you have obtained some very beautiful and colorful shots.
Excellent shots, beautiful shots, I appreciate that you let us know these beautiful photographs
have a wonderful morning

ahh thank you very much, hope you have a happy day too @jlufer

This reflection is beautiful and the colours combined perfectly well, making it look very attractive, thank you.

Thank you so much, i really happy for ur feedback

Yay! 🤗
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Beautiful and clear reflection photos. Great entries.

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I know that I have a garden next to my home, but to have a garden of rice with reflections in the rice paddy is pretty cool.