Reflection Hunters Contest ~ Round 77

in Shadow Hunters2 months ago

Hello, and greetings🙏 to the shadow hunters community and reflection hunters.
Thank you🙏 for the last time [email protected]😊 Our summer is very busy for work and visitors. But when I walk to work or walk to the shop if I have my phone and I find something interesting then I took the photos. Likewise last week I was walking to the shop. We have many tourists here during the summer. And everywhere people parks their cars. It was a cloudy day and many cars have various reflections of clouds. here I choose this red Mazda with clouds reflections. here are some for this contest.

Thank you very much.😊🌞happy summer.


This really is incredible. A chariot camouflaged by clouds. I loved all our photos, but especially where the house appears reflected in the glass. They are all winners. You are definitely a thinker. Much success 😍😎

Thank you 🙏for your nice words @marbrym 😊greetings❤️😊

Nice reflection of the clouds.

great reflections of the clouds on this car

thank you🙏

Oh wow, these are beautiful shots. The reflection of the clouds on the hood of the car is almost like part of its colors.

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Thank you, dear @ifarmgirl how are you these days? greetings ❤️😊

You're very welcome :) I'm doing well, thank you lots😍 Sending you good wishes for the new week ❤

Thank you🙏

Wow! All the car 🚗 is covered with reflections of cloudy sky! It is a great idea for the entry, @hindavi ❤️.