SHADOW HUNTERS /SMASh Contest Round 297 (Shella and my own Shadow)

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Hello shadow hunters, once again I am here to share about the shadow of a dog named Shella and my own shadow also.


My Entry Pic.

Actually there are a lot of them who would be meeting us home because they know that we will bring them food to eat. But this time I'll be highlighting Shella. Aside from her friendly behavior, what makes Shella remarkable from the other dogs is that everytime she is overtaken by the other dogs with food, she will be giving her way for the others isntead and wait for her turn.


That is why even if we are not the owners of these dogs here, we are very close to them, especially to my son Preach. And this time, while Shella was close to me, I immediately took advantage of the opportunity to take a picture of her so that I could have another entry this week for Smash Contest 297. Thank you very much to this community for giving the opportunity to share with you something like this shadow.


Before, the shadow seemed useless, but now it is very relevant and has been given a lot of attention because of this contest in the shadow hunters community. And for now, this is all I will share with you, my friend here. See you next time,


Jem Malag

Greetings from Jedum's Hive little corner. I am an airdrop crypto hunter. And at the same time I am a Gospel singer-songwriter- composer, and now an apprentice blogger of the Hive community and still learning about Hive block chain echo system.

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 184 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Say Hi to your Dog named Shella hehe

Napili po namin ang post na ito sa aming curation ng MCGI Cares Hive community. Nais po namin kayo na anyayahan sa aming community na nag aaral ng salita ng Dios. Maaari rin po natin i-follow ang aming Official Youtube channel. Keep doing the great job po ❤️

Maraming salamat po sa pag curate sa aking post @mcgi.cares at naway maraming tao pa po ang makarinig ng salita ng Panginoon sa pamamagitan ng MCGI thank you again po.

It's good that your @jedum and your son care about street dogs and offer them food. That's great
What beautiful shadow shots you have captured, I appreciate you sharing with us.
have a beautiful morning

Although we can't bring food for them every time, but we usually bring something for them. because these dogs are very kind to us and will greet us as soon as we arrive so you will feel their love. thank you very much sir for giving time to my post


Thank you for this contest @hive-179017


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So nice. Thank you for sharing your photos sir @jedum.

Thank you for appreciating my post sir @edver143

Great shadow hunting! Both you and your friend Shella have delightful shadows!


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