Shadow Hunters Community Contest SMASh - Round 310 [ENG/ESP]

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"No one lights a lamp in order to hide it behind the door: the purpose of light is to create more light, to open people's eyes, to reveal the marvels around.”

Paulo Coelho

Shadow Hunters Community Contest SMASh - Round 310

Last night, I noticed the shadow cast by the ceiling lamp located at the entrance of my apartment on the wall and a hanging picture.

Although the lamp has been there for many years, I had never paid much attention to it, except to clean it or change the bulbs when needed, however, this time I did notice it, and as expected, I took my phone to photograph it looking to share the images in this weekly Shadow Hunters initiative.

As I have described in previous posts, I usually make use of the editing tools offered in their free versions by the applications Picsart and Snapseed, with the aim of improving or highlighting some element of my images.

En la noche de ayer, observé la sombra que proyectaba la lámpara de techo ubicada en la entrada de mi apartamento sobre la pared y un cuadro colgado.

Aunque la lámpara tiene muchos años allí, nunca le había prestado mayor atención, salvo para limpiarla o cambiarle los focos laa veces en que se necesita, sin embargo, en esta oportunidad si lo noté, y como era de esperarse, tomé mi teléfono para fotografiarla buscando compartir las imágenes en esta iniciativa semanal de Shadow Hunters.

Como he descrito en posts anteriores, usualmente hago uso de las herramientas de edición que ofrecen en sus versiones gratuitas las aplicaciones Picsart y Snapseed, con el objetivo de mejorar o destacar algún elemento de mis imágenes.

All the Photos are of my Authorship, as well as the Edition of the same ones.

This is my entry for the #SMASh Contest. This is an initiative of @melinda010100. I hope you enjoy it.

Esta es mi participación para el Concurso #SMASh. Esta es una iniciativa de @melinda010100. Espero que lo disfruten.


Camera: Samsung Galaxy A12
Photo Editor: Picsart / Snapseed
Location: Barquisimeto, Lara, Venezuela
Date: 25-02-2024

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Greetings, your lamp has a lot of style, more like Vintage, it looks great. In my town there is a historic center where the colonial houses still preserve styles similar to this lamp and they really look very good. Of course the shadow obviously also reflects, this style. good hunting

Hehehehe! You're right, it has a vintage look but I don't think it's very old, but it looks great.

Thanks for commenting!

Beautiful shadow photos

Love the art as well as the lamp and it's shadow!



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