Shadow Hunters Contest Round - 219

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This is one of the shadows in my life. That means my family is the shadow of life. This is my sister. The only sister I have. She is the most important person in my life.

A shadow is something that always follows us . It does not isolate us.

So I thought I'd photograph my sister's shadow next to me like an invisible shadow all the time. This photo was taken in the dark. But I lit a lamp and extinguished the darkness. The light of the lamp is like her and my sisterhood


I hope you all like this photo😊
Photo by @nilumadu
Used device ~ Apple I 7



Thank you

she loosed her hair. Beautiful shadow hunt

She has her hair tied up. That's why the shadow seems like that. Thank you so much❤️@danladi

Your sister has a beautiful shadow! Thanks for entering the shadow contest 🌞

Thank you for your humble words. It is pleasure to enter this contest. @melinda010100

That's a very creative way to take a shadow. Beautiful! All the best on the contest.

Thank you so much for your humble words ❤️@ifarmgirl

Pleasure is mine :) Thank you and have a beautiful day❤