Shadow Hunters - Round 249 - Another attempt

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Hello, dears!
And we're back together again. Me and Fluffy.
Oh, the three of us!
Me, Fluffy and Shadow Fluffy!

The cat has found a place in the sunlight on the new table. And it is just the right place to catch the shade.
But Fluffy wanted to relax) So the disgruntled look - why is someone bothering her with this photo)

Here's a Hobba from Fluffy!
We can do that, can't you?

In fact, we now call Fluffy Pushkin. And we address her as "You," Alexander Sergeyevich!

This is the best picture)

Thanks for the contest, @melinda010100 )


Listen closely to hear if Fluffy begins writing poetry.😀Lovely shadows! Thanks for entering the shadow contest again 🌞

I guess she not only writes but also reads) We just don't understand)