Shadows of spring - Shadow Hunters - Round 310

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Greetings everyone)
Spring mood implies spring bouquets of flowers. Well, the spring sun brings shadows on the wall.)

I come to you with such positive photos.

How I long for spring and warmth. Especially since I am now alone in the countryside in a house that needs to be heated. That's why I can't leave)

Living here with the cats, taking pictures of flowers and heating the boiler. Russia without gas, ha-ha. All right, all right, they promise to gasify everything here next year. But as if by then the house will not be sold)

Well, we will not talk about sad things - but there is a bathhouse, you can plant everything in the vegetable garden, there is a lake. And in general - in summer it is better here than in a stuffy stone city).

@melinda010100 thanks for the contest)
Kindness, peace and good luck to all!


Beautiful shadows you have got.

thank you)

Happy springs with these beautiful white flowers and shadow on the wall 😀

@sagarkothari88 vote

thank you

Yay! 🤗
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Good shots and beautiful Chrysanthemums, I think they are 🤔, they are very extravagant and at the same time delicate and give the sensation that they overflow with joy with the peculiar shape of their petals, your arrangement is very beautiful and of course it has to give a beautiful shadow too, Best regards Greetings

Thank you! I love chrysanthemums.

Beautiful pictures

When I visited Russia my friends took me to see their dacha. It was late in the fall and the grandparents were living there preparing for winter. Enjoy the beauty of nature!
Great shadows.


Thank you)


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