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RE: The Re-Hive Contest - Results Week 27 & Start Week 28

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Thank you, dear @jlufer! I have a question about our prises and would be grateful if you please explain me what 20 Archon mean and how I can see this prise which I won. Sorry if I sound silly... there are so many things in Hive which I do not understand.


Hello dear friend, good afternoon
The archon is a tokens (a virtual currency) and you can see it in your hive engine wallet, enter this page with your username, and with your private key.
Once you enter the page, go to the flap that says wallet and there you will see a series of tokens, including the archob
I hope I have been helpful

Thank you for your help, dear friend. Can I take a bit more of your time? I entered and see $1.79 in my wallet. Can it be the prise of 20 Archon? Looks strange.

That should be the total value you have in your wallet.
Above all you will see several flaps, the first one says wallet, click there and it will open a page where you can see all the tokens that you have in your wallet

Thank you, dear friend! Please excuse me for asking questions. I am in Hive from July and do not know many things. Thank you one more time!!!

It is a real pleasure dear friend, whatever you need I am here to accompany you
have a wonderful afternoon