Shadow Hunting again - my entry for the latest shadow hunters competition

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Hi everyone!

I hope you are hiving a good day. 😀 Here are some shadows I couldn't help but capture when I saw them. This competition is addictive! lol




Stay Wild xxx


Shadows are so cool!! Looooove that you continue plodding along on the blockchain blogging adventure. Much love. Glad to see your post today!! ❤

hello beautiful @yogajill. Plodding lol yes that's one word for it hahahaha
Did you get actifit working and get out on those slopes?

Haha! As long as you're having fun and making good memories let go! Lol. Tomorrow! I will endeavour to get back to Actifit. Been slacking on posting. :) 🤗

Very nice creature and his shadow.

hi @kaminchan, thanks for your support always.

Oh! You’re welcome! I miss your cats!! Please tell us more about their antics! 🐈🐈🌺😻😻

Great shadow that really is praying!

Fantastic Shadows photos..!!!
This fascinating little creature looks like a Praying mantis.

it is a praying mantis, thanks

They are beautiful and amazing.

What a wonderful detailed shadow shot! Thanks for entering the Shadow Contest! Could you change the title of your post so that it includes the word 'entry'. It will help us to not overlook it for the contest judging.

thanks @melinda010100 I have changed the title.

I think is one of the best I've seen and I really love them. It's so addictive, I get tempted to take pictures of every shadow I see

Oh wow!!!
Fantastic shadow!!!