Show Me A Shadow Contest #205 in MyCalifornia

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The sun is out. Yay!
Watch it as it goes
between the crevices
of the bistro chairs.

As if to paint a
duplicate of everything
in the walls and
concrete floor.

How easily it does it!

But just as quick as it can do it,
it can be undone in just an hour.

Sun, where are you?


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Looks lovely great shadowed 🙂

Hehehe... isn't it great, @iliev26!
Take care!

Yeah it is cheers you too 😉

Such pretty and delicate shadows! It's a pity that the sun moves and it all goes away. However, you have captured it forever in a picture and can gaze upon it at any time! Thanks for sharing sis! Hugs and kisses!🤗😘🌸💖

Yay, sis!
So unusual... as you usually make here in the evenings!
And I am on a break!!!
I'll see you in Discord sis 🤗😘🌸


Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
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Lovely shadow captured I wonder how many hours you use to capture this

Two and a half hours on a Sunday!
I love it, @femcy-willcy!
Take care 🌺

Wow it really a long time to stay watching the sun but I really love the shadow thanks so much stay safe awesome and alive

Oh, I was in and out the house!

Alright thanks for sharing and do have a lovely night rest

Ohh I love those shadows they are super cool

Awww... you're kind, @tattoodjay!

Nah never I am just me and I say it as I see it ;)

beautiful moment, literally all poetry.💖

It was beautiful!
Thank you, @evelyn.micaela!

I love those chairs and the stunning shadows they cast! Thanks for entering the shadow contest again!

I forgot again, I forgot again!!!
I was supposed to name Shadow Hunters as a beneficiary.
I am so forgetful now-a-days!
I'm sorry.

As the days get longer, the shadows are cast from a different angle....a different light!😀
Amazing how the shadows on the same bistro chairs can look so different!😎

Yes, and to see how they are different makes it so fascinating!



How can you tell if your smartphone is good at playing music?
By the number of gigs it has.

Credit: reddit
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Why do ghosts like to hang out in bars?
They enjoy the boos.

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Cursed by living, working, and not creative at nights.
I don't get too many clean Moon Shadows pictures.

Always, with love 🤗🌺❤️

On a clear night, you might chance upon a shadow outside!
If there is no moon, perhaps a shadow from a light?
Will you try, my dear sis?

Hugs and kisses, 🤗🌺❤️

Congratulations @silversaver888, your post won 2nd prize in this weeks Show us Your California contest!!

Woot, woot!!!
I love winning... and you know why, of course!!
Thank you so much, @thesocalhive!!!

Great chair shadows you share here. Thank you for your participation in the Shadow hunters contest. 👏 😎

I love this post it is very nice 😊

Hello dear friend @silversaver888 good afternoon
What a beautiful collection of shadows you have here, I appreciate that you let us know these beautiful images
enjoy the weekend