Wood Bridge - Reflection Hunters #114

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Shadows and Reflections

This is my entry for Reflection Hunters 114 #reflections hosted by the Shadow Hunters community and @olgavita. The lovely old wooden bridge is located in Corolla, North Carolina on the Outer Banks. The bridge was originally constructed in 1925 and is referred to as the Whalehead Club wooden bridge. It was extensively re-furbished in 1992.

Bridge and Tree

The pictures were taken on a sunny, clear morning. It was a wonderful day -cool, sunny, gentle breeze. This is technically the off-season on the Outer Banks but it is my favorite time of year there. Cool temperatures around 70F and light breezes from the shore. Usually plenty of sun but without the high temperatures and high humidity AND most importantly - without the crowds. The Outer Banks are mobbed with crowds in the summertime.

Live Oak

The live oak tree and reflection is almost as beautiful as the bridge. Live oak trees are common in the south. They live for 100s of years and are named "live oaks" because they do not drop their leaves in the winter.


I took several (haha many, many) shots. This one shows a little more of the bridge but a little less of the reflections. Such a beautiful place hard to go wrong even for an amatuer photogragher like me 😊 Hope you enjoyed my photos 👍


The reflections in your photos are amazing, @steven-patrick ❤️, bravo!
Please find something new in our community which added in this round contest post. It is said that "if your posts are longer than 200 words and have more than three photos, they have the opportunity of a boost from our community."

Noted ✍️ and edited haha I added some more info about my photos.

Beautiful pics with this wooden bridge... always better to visit a place off-season.
Have a great weekend.

Thanks Heroldius

Oh wow beautiful!!!! Love a good old wooden bridge. And live oaks huh? Learn something new every day. So they are evergreen?

Pretty much evergreen. They still drop some old leaves when new ones come in the spring. But they have leaves on all year.

Yay! 🤗
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I love all the structures built in wood, this bridge is great
What beautiful shots of reflections you have achieved dear friend @steven-patrick I appreciate that you let us know its location and the beautiful shots

Thanks. Its a lovely old bridge 🙂

Wow! The reflection is so amazing and honestly, I felt relaxed while looking at the beautiful photography. Jobe well done my dear friend and yes to more beautiful reflections like this. Good luck and blessings to you.

Thanks glad I could help you chill 👍


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