Shadow Hunters Contest Entry – Go over the bridge

in Shadow Hunters5 months ago

Shadow Hunters Contest- Round 287

Show Me A Shadow - Pređi preko mosta


Pogled sa železničkog mosta na reku koja se nakon junskih poplava povukla u svoje korito.



Izgrađeno je dosta tipskih mostova slične konstrukcije. Ovaj je specifičan i po svetiljkama postavljenim duž staze za pešake.




Shadow Hunters Contest Entry, #shadowhunters community


Thank you @melinda010100 for creating and hosting the contest!
Have a great weekend!

Be happy, stay healthy!


Good morning dear friend @zoricatech how are you?
What a beautiful shadow projection this structure gives. I love shots of bridges.
Beautiful photographs, I appreciate you sharing with us.
Have a beautiful afternoon



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Wonderful bridge shadows! The shadows on the water are great, too!

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