Misconceived Perception of Virus Organisms.

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All so-called "virus organism infections'' is actually your body's natural detoxification process creating mucus particles and inflammation chemicals to send signals through the body to heal, protect and move antigenic material out of the body. There are no contagious mutating virus organisms that exist that eat your flesh or replicate only to explode out of your cells to infect more cells and everyone else around you that theory is a misconception of reality.

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Virus organisms are completely make believe things that have been created out of a misconception of the human body functions.

These make believe ideas were purposely indoctrinated into individuals for personal, commercial gains and to initiate hysteria to control people and select populations.


All humans will have a similar detox experience and many will go through this at the same time. Virus organisms do not exist and do not cause people to get sick with any symptoms, the entire detoxification process is mediated by your unique DNA genetics by creating cell to cell signalling polymorphic exosomes, not some mutatiting wild virus organism flying in and out of animals infecting humans.

These exosomes can signal between people but are not disease causing, they can signal between people to check if they are poisoned or to activate certain body functions.

The same way a yawn seems contagious to humans the detoxification process can also seem contagious to humans.

For example, If you see someone yawn your body receives a signal, you don't even need to see the person yawn. The body can pick up on it due to the cell signalling of tiny particles called polymorphic exosomes.


These nanoparticles can operate inside and outside the body, you may know these chemical reactions as pheromones. These pheromones are also mediated by polymorphic exosomes.

What is a polymorphic exosome? Read about it here but all you need to know is that exosomes are just packets of information. We pack all sorts of things inside these nanoparticles to signal between all things we interact with.

The same way we can cause people to get angry or feel loved we can signal all sorts of things.

This is why people choose who they make friends with and who to interact with etc. Our body connections are constantly bouncing off each other. All thoughts, emotions and body functions can be felt and understood at the molecular level of biology.

In truth virology is a manipulation of biology, a theory that all diseases are caused by germs that come from outside the body instead of realising all disease is created by the body in order to heal and protect the body even cancers.

If you change the environment of a person, or what that person puts in their body or even thinks about the whole body will change. This process of change can be mild or extreme.

Molecular functions are known to happen for all processes in our bodies and our environments we live in.


All families that live in the same house will synchronise themselves with each other. This process is not done knowingly but for example a household will go through detox in stages in order for family members to be looked after appropriately. This too is controlled by exosome signals and toxic checks inside the body.

There is absolutely no evidence of germs causing or contagious virus organisms chasing everyone down and causing sickness and death.

That idea is actually a mental disorder called Germophobia and Munchausen Syndrome and doctors go along with it as they work for an indoctrinated industry that makes trillions of dollars a year by acknowledging these things as physical problems instead of natural healing and mental disorders.

The sadistic criminal drug/medical industry "big pharma" accepts these delusions and misconceptions so they can keep pushing harmful poisonous drugs as medicine. They simply claim sickness is caused by an invisible virus organism and or bad germs instead of informing people that those things are actually normal and natural manifestations created by the human body to help the body heal and detox toxins. This process helps to provide warning signs for the human to recognize so they can change behaviour or clean up the terrain as needed.

All humans are supposed to be their own physicians and those around them are supposed to help heal them, raise them, teach them and support them during their lifetime.

Instead we have been lied to and manipulated from birth, these lies have implanted false realities inside the minds of billions causing life long mental health problems. So many people believe in the impossible and ignore the possible.

There are many wonderful possibilities but only if we are able to acknowledge them to begin with otherwise we will keep repeating the lies over and over and completely forget what's actually possible.

Our natural world and how our body works is purposely being hidden from us by creating repetition narratives that are completely wrong and based on a misconceived perception of biology and nature.

There has never actually been a whole virus organism isolation and virologists have have always been calling exosomes virus organisms and once they isolated the exosome they didn't see a whole virus genome so they interpreted their findings by saying the virus organism "hijacks" the exosome which is a lie just like it is a lie when they say the virus hijacks cell machinery to make copies of itself.

Our body's will make billions of exosomes to force toxins out of our body, this can be signalled between people but it is not contagious As explained above.

This is the true meaning of and natural operation of the term "herd immunity" as these signals help us activate natural detox and develop our adaptive immune system and life saving microbiome.

Our nature is a lot more complex than just catching a virus organism off someone that causes and spreads diseases. Catching bugs off others does not happen and is make believe junk science.

If you are not in need of an extreme detox you won't go through one. It's that simple.

The bigger problems come when we try to block, stop or delay this healthy detox from happening because we don't like the feeling of healing.

All these internal body mechanisms are well known and is why they engineered transmissible mRNA lipid nanoparticles that mimic the "exosomes".



A very good read that explains natural body functions




Over & over I see you trying to explain the misconceptions that have engulfed the allopathic doctors and pharmacists.
You are relentless. I love that about you!
However, the Germ Theory and its powerful advocates in education are not listening and their careers depend on them continuing to misinform the public.
We have a long way to go yet, Shan, especially when we are being chased off every social media platform faster than the speed of light!

Yes it is becoming a headache, think I need to write a template that I can copy and paste lol. The fear of artificial virus organisms is nonstop! 🤦‍♂️

Good to keep this detox mechanism in mind. Please explain the seemingly contageous behaviour when a nursing home receives someone who is COVID-19 positive and many others become sick and die. Also, how does smallpox spread and cause disease? Are you saying there is no such thing as a virus, or that an exosome is often mistaken as a virus?

Thank you for bringing this topic up!


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Your post is appreciable good content

Great post, so few people understand the contagion myth...