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I’ve created a new community called Hive Skills for people who are interested in working on Hive-related projects. The idea is to create a directory where someone can go to recruit people to hire for Hive-related work. It can also serve as a good place for DHF proposers to maintain resumes for the principals and other people working on a proposal.

So if you’re interested in doing Hive-related work, please consider adding a CV/Resume-style post to Hive Skills (one per Hive account) and update it over time as you acquire new hive skills and experience.

What should a post to this community look like?

At this point, I have no particular expectations for a post in this community, other than it looks vaguely like a resume. For example, it can be as long or short as you wish. Just put in your post anything you think will be useful for selling your skillset to others.

Some types of information you may consider including on your resume are: contact info (of course, in simplest case, this can just be your Hive account itself on the post), skillset, experience, preferred collaboration method (strictly for pay, pay rate, or interested in equity partnerships).

Don't make suggested improvements as posts here

If you want to make suggestions for improving this community, please add them as comments to this post, rather than making suggestion posts in this community. I want to ensure all the actual posts here are only "skillset" posts. This will make it easier on viewers of the community searching for help.


Sounds like a good idea. Well, it’s always a good news to hear about the creation of a new community. I think it’d make it easier to find other Hivers for collaboration. However, if the community progresses, it would be difficult to find relevant post there. I would recommend that the CVs are indexed on a condenser where there would be various categories. That way, when a person needs certain kind developer, you simply have to visit the respective category.

You're probably right, and at some point we'll probably need to add some form of categorization, once we get a lot of posts here. For now, I guess it's best if posters at least put some rough indication of their categorization in their post title.

Yeah, true. Better one step at a time. In that case, maybe a format for the title of a post would be relevant.

That is good to know and hear about the new community.

I personally believed it will help many users to rediscover their lost skills or perhaps learn new one.

Ancticipting to see post coming to the community

Fantastic idea, I'll have to work on adding my CV here tonight - thanks for this!

Should've called it Hiverr. :D

Hope we won't be sued for patent right?😜😜

Damn son... That's a good one 😁

ha ha ha. good one. 😂

haha actually this is very clever :P

Good move - community involvement is key, hence I might consider indeed offering my skills

@blocktrades I love this. I will definitely apply. And thanks to you for this initiative. God bless.

good idea

That's a brilliant idea. I'm sure a lot of new skills will be discovered and unveiled. A platform such as this would encourage hidden talents to sprout out and be recognized in the community.

Are artisans also welcome to the community?

You can advertise any skills you think someone might want to use for Hive here. A lot of marketing involves artwork of one sort or another.

Hiii it's great 😀

But, here will definitely be a problem around looking for a particular category...
You might add certain tags to the "about" section or somewhere
For example: hsprogramming, hsdesign and so on... in any way, just to make a division by skills 😊

First of all I would like to appreciate your huge support for the community not only that but to bring more investors of different skills into the community as a whole. It is a good idea and initiative as well. I am a farmer who has been in the field for several years and I think it will be a broad way to being a better content creator as well.

Awesome! A community just for classifieds.

this is a fantastic idea and i think it will go hive many steps ahead. it will also motivate a lot of people in here to work and feel a little bit close to the whole hive "thing"

The only thing i want to suggest, is either to categorize the skills or have an excel,database "behind the scenes" that gonna gather all those cvs and then easily categorize them as you guys want to, your life is gonna be easier! Also regarding some info and stuff, some people don't want to "give out" their personal info or some personal info, or their pay rate, so it won't be easy for them to make cv-post here because it will remain forever and maybe they just don't want for everyone to see it!

I get they can just post their account info for example, but would be easier if let's say we have the "make a post" way and "send your cv to a certain email,discord etc etc" i think we can attract more cvs that way! i am hoping for the best and i am really curious of what's gonna happen next!

Exactly, personal information are confidential. So sending it through e-mail, encrypted one sounds more ideal than putting it on the blockchain forever.

Each person making a post can decide what they want to share publicly on the blockchain versus privately through other communication channels later. I'm sure many people will not want to post their pay rates, for example.

yep i mentioned pay rates as well! given what you said (about other communication channels) later, i think it's a fair way! i just believe that it still will make your lives harder as later on you gonna have new cvs and info etc etc that you can obtain at once now

Thank you so much for making this! The potential here is huge!

Hi @Blocktrades, this is a brilliant idea. For a long time, I was thinking about this along with a marketplace where people can connect with others and pay for services through Hive tokens.

If you want to make suggestions for improving this community

Right off the bat, as I was writing in the Hive Skills community, I had to stop and think about the title.

Can we work on this?

An example title can be "username - skills" so others can quickly go through them as well.

Like this: "Sidwrites: Content Marketing, Blogging, Marketing Consultant"

Bad examples are:

  • "Sidwrites here, and I am available for work"
  • "Hi Hive community, I charge $75 per hour."

If we can touch upon this, that would be great.

charging 75$/hr that's quite a bit lol

When I was working with Americans, I used to charge a lot less. And then I switched to Australians and the freelancers were charging $150 to $200 per hour.

Not talking about experts with an authority. Just skilled folks who knew what they were doing (sales funnel and writing copy).

Even blockchain writers charge $100 per hour on UpWork and other platforms.

Generally speaking, I think its a very good idea to make your title a description of what type of skills you think will be of interest for Hive work. You don't even need to put your Hive account name in the title, since that is always shown beside the post title.

I think its a very good idea to make your title a description of what type of skills

Right. Wish to see more of it.

since that is always shown beside the post title.

True. Was rethinking this because, otherwise, it will be a cluster of skills mentioned with no way to sort it out. Amazed I was the first to post. Interested to see what happens next. :)

Oh bugger, someone said it already...

This is a wonderful idea I think this is a new step that the curation needs to make the entire HIVE ecosystem more interesting, I know there are a lot of people there with very amazing skills and could make this blockchain go to the moon, we are already in space, we are the social cryptocurrency insdustry and noneone can take that from us.

This sounds like fun! Keep me updated!

Can I post my resume as SEO specialist there?

Is there any opportunities for artists with skills in this community? i mean anyone with any skills can join this path ?

yes, of course

That's definitely a great initiative! Thank you.

My skills:

  • Video edition, example:
  • I can work with Adobe: Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effect, Audition.
  • Also I can create skins for OBS.
  • base knowledge: php,javascript,html, css.
  • languages: Ukrainian, English, Slovak(2B), Russian. (Sometimes I do work on platform - Crowdin, I translate projects with Ukrainian lang.)


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I know it's too soon as Hive still have to settle, but any charity related matters in the future, I am your man.

This directory will be of great assistance to Hive and let's hope that the fee expectancy's are reasonable!

Great idea and thus we can use those skills to do something better.

Done my small contribution - thanks for the community

Its a very good initiative, can't wait for so long.
Thank you @blocktrades

What about architect, am I allowed to make my resume there?

The intent is to put up info that is relevant to doing work to improve Hive. So, it's not so much what your regular job is. This is a place for people looking to hire or collaborate on Hive community work. So I don't think you would want to talk about your architect skills, unless it was in relationship to making graphics or something.

Thank you for your explanation, maybe I will make it in something as you say