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What is Sloth.Buzz and how can it help you?

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Good afternoon buzzers, the time has come for an updated 'what is', as always, we're looking for ways to improve and add services for YOU, the Hive user! So, let's jump in and see how we can help you expand here on Hive!

What is Sloth.Buzz?

Main Links:
Website > Sloth.Buzz
Hive Witness > 'SlothBuzz' > Vote on HiveSigner
Token > $Slothbuzz > Dex
Shortform/ 'Hive Deck' > SlothBuzz Decks

Hive Tip command (!SLOTH) > @Sloth.Buzz (Use as a curation tool to inform others of
Discord Community > Sloth Buzz Discord
24/7 Streamed Radio >
Twitter > SlothBuzzer

Hive accounts
Slothbuzz Hive Curator > @slothbuzzcurator
Main posting account > @SlothBuzz
Token Burn Account > @Slothburn

Other Hive Connections:
DHedge Defi Mining (Delegate SlothBuzz to Dhdge.slothbuzz)
LOLZ Defi Mining (Delegate SlothBuzz to lolz.sloth)
AI Chatbot rewards (NFT + Hive tokens) > Discord > Stake tokens to earn rewards.

A Lot of Buzz for a Sloth!


Slothbuzz Hive Witness

You can vote for Slothbuzz as a Hive witness. Via HiveSigner or Peakd/Ecency/other witness voting pages - Look for 'Slothbuzz'.

SlothBuzz is dedicated to building tools and features on Hive, A vote will allow us to continue building and growing on Hive!

What makes a Sloth Buzz?

Sloths enjoy procrastinating, what better way to procrastinate than with awesome content? Content focus? Anything that makes a Sloth Buzz!

  • Music
  • Art
  • P2EGaming
  • Crypto
  • Comedy
  • MEMEs

New Hive Tip bot!

SlothBuzz has just introduced a new Hive Tip bot! Use command !SLOTH on content that fits into the Slothbuzz Not-Niche Tag. See there >>

Stake 1 $Slothbuzz token and call the bot once per day, rewarding 0.01 $SlothBuzz to worthy posts and giving them a little buzz'ing comment to use Sloth.Buzz in future.

Our goal is to use this tip bot as a curation tool to help onboard other users, don't waste your call on #slothbuzz content or as part of a tip chain, the bot won't fire if more than 3 commands!

Post direct on Sloth.Buzz, to Slothbuzz community, or use the #SlothBuzz Tag!


SB engagement PB.jpg

Our dedicated SlothBuzz Discord server continues to grow with more activity and exciting reasons to join! An open-for-all communication platform to share exciting Hive and Crypto chat.

  • Serfdom and Sorcery Game
  • Bi-weekly Poker events
  • AI Chat/Drawing Bot + Hive Token TIPs and NFT Prizes!
  • Discord token economy with prizes and giveaways!
  • Post Promotion
  • Multiple Language rooms

SlothBuzz Token

Burn Mechanism.

Weekly Token burns via @slothburn.
Over 500 Tokens burnt

Trade $SlothBuzz - Link

Main Use Case:

Hive Tipping Bot / AI Chatbot access
Hive:PIMP & Hive:THGaming Liq pool reward.
Dhedge and Lolz Defi

Possible Future use:
NFTs/DAO/CRFM Game Access!

Token: Slothbuzz

420M total supply
6.9 minted per day to author/curation reward pool

Token Buyback wall at 1.12 Hive!

Fanbase / Curation Trails - Autovoting Slothbuzz

@Slothbuzzcurator is the main curation account for SlothBuzz.
SlothBuzz Community Curated Trail

Too Sloth to Vote?
Follow the 'slothbuzzcurator' account and curation trail on Hive.Vote to earn $SlothBuzz with your staked tokens!

1or2 (1).png continues to be the main focus for the SlothBuzz team on the development front. Currently building our web3 version. For now listen to CRFM's 24/7 live streaming Radio.

Listen Live / VIMM

We're constantly onboarding more musicians and Podcasters! Reach out and get your content to more ears WorldWide Find out more

Slothly Does It (3).jpg

SlothBuzz is a community website on the Hive Blockchain, Helping small creators grow.
$Slothbuzz token is used for the Curation of Sloth.Buzz content.
Always DYOR before investing in any cryptocurrency and remember Sloth.Buzz does not provide any financial advice.
All content is the opinion of the authors and not representative of Sloth.Buzz.

SB engagement PB.jpg
Join the discord for events, games and post-promotion!


Saw your post over on Twitter (I'm GentlemanRural) over there - clicking on was throwing a bit of an error on chrome browsers on a windows box. So I just did a search for the term, and navigated from within Hive.

Nice to have you with us, glad you found us, we're still in the process of updating the main website and getting everything working correctly 100% so your feedback is appreciated. 'Sloth.Buzz' seems to work but won't for some reason, we'll get there, slothly steps at a time!

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Sloth.Buzz is being a little problematic at the moment...

Didn't it used to be a Hive-Engine "outpost?" As in, its own front end?

Once I navigate some errors, I end up with a forward to what looks like a SlothBuzz branded version of Ecency, but I can't actually log in because because there's an error on the login screen:


We're currently running the Ecency open-source build, slowly making it more sloth-like. We've moved away from the outpost for now, as it's limiting, this new build allows users to explore more of the amazing benefits Hive offers.

Please use Keychain to log in, there are no issues with keychain (and it's more secure than inputting your PKs into websites). The error is due to us using the Ecency open source build, which still 'claims ownership' hence the error message.

Thank you, I'll try it that way. Much success with your build!