It's the second day of Slothvent!

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Good morning my beautiful buzzers, what a day to be alive! The ground is white with snow, the little sloths have been out creating memories already this morning, it's a beautiful day to be buzzing! As I said yesterday in my power-up post, I'm hoping to be a little more active again this month. It's great being a sloth, but sometimes the buzz needs to pull through!


Day 2 of the slothvent, of course, it's just a word, I haven't hooked up any prizes, or even made it into a real event, however, it seems some others are utilising this marketing time perfectly, HoloZing have added some sort of tracker for this month, I haven't seen what the rewards will be if any.

Are you staking/delegating or in their liquidity pool already? Looking forward to the upcoming game release?


Who knows what we could be earning, but it's more motivation to check in daily and ensure we're bringing the most buzz to our Hive journey!

Talking of Advent calendars, RavenMus1c is holding one for her supporter token holders, you can find more info from the site or by viewing the post directly Ravens post. The first draw has already been done, with many more to come! Good luck to everyone and a massive shout out to @ravenmus1c who continues to bring her sparkle to Hive!


As always, I look forward to seeing what everyone is up to this month, remember to utilise that slothbuzz tag and earn some of those low liquidity slothbuzz tokens! It's buzzing!

Until next time,

Sloth out.


Thanks so much for mentioning my post and initiative!! 💜💜💜 !PIZZA !DHEDGE

You are most welcome, it's a great event, and you're always doing your best to support everyone else here on Hive! Keep being awesome!


You must be killin' it out here!
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