My Favorite Works of Interactive Fiction

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What is interactive fiction, anyway?

Think text-based RPGs. Interactive stories fueled by the power of your choices. They're choose-your-own-path literary narratives where YOU'RE the main character. YOU have the agency. YOU get to choose the love interest.

And when you've finished the story one way, you can start again and play it completely differently. It's like getting 4 books in one. 🥰

How I got into Interactive Fiction:

The easiest way to understand interactive fiction (IF) is to start playing and see if you like it. Give it a chapter or two.

You can demo all of the interactive fiction titles in this post without purchasing them first to see if it's something you'd like. FYI.

Honestly, I'm still a novice to interactive fiction. There's so much out there, but I've really enjoyed the format used by Choice of Games and Heart's Choice. It's entirely text-based, without graphics or sound effects, and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

I started reading interactive fiction at the same time I started writing it. I'd been following leads for paying writing gigs and stumbled across Heart's Choice. After pitched myself as an author in hopes of a contract to write for them, I started playing games to learn more about this new (to me) medium of storytelling.

The first game I played was Heart of the House by Nissa Campbell on Choice of Games. It had atmosphere, intrigue, and passion.

I was hooked.

Heart of the House by Nissa Campbell: Choice of Games

My Favorite Heart's Choice Games:

Heart's Choice is the romance division of Choice of Games. Each game includes romance and adventure. Some are gender locked, others are gender variable. Intimate scenes range from sweet to spicy, depending on the game and your choices.

While the games are 18+ and some are NSFW (they range from one to three peppers on the spice scale), ALL of the games have options to avoid sex-scenes by choosing conversation, dancing, exploring, spying, or sparring.

I'm a romance writer (and reader), so most of the games I've played are Heart's Choice titles. I've also written a game for Heart's Choice, and am in the process of writing another.

But this post isn't about me. I want to focus on the other amazing titles on Heart's Choice. This is an appreciation post to the interactive fiction authors I've read and learned from as I've developed my own style of writing IF.

Note: the following screenshots were taken Dec 5, 2023 on the Heart's Choice app. All of this amazing artwork is by artist Adrien Valdes, except Heart of the House art by Abigail Larson.

Changeling Charade by Ruth Vincent

Changeling Charade by Ruth Vincent

Changeling Charade is my current favorite game. I'm on my third playthough and still discovering new scenes with different romance options. The characters all have secrets. There's spying and trips to the countryside. Art, music, and a coup. It's really a delightful game!

Play Changeling Charade on Heart's Choice.

Two Peppers: Steamy

A Pirate's Pleasure by Lisa Fox

A Pirate's Pleasure by Lisa Fox

I really enjoyed the adventure in this game. I could taste the salty air and hear the slap of water. The romance options provided a range between gentleman and rogue. I played this twice and got very different endings.

Play A Pirate's Pleasure on Heart's Choice.

One Pepper: Mild

Belle-de-Nuit by Rebecca Zahabi

Belle-de-Nuit by Rebecca Zahabi

Belle-de-Nuit was a delightful mix of sassy, sweet, and sexy. I loved playing a female swordswoman and champion of the brothel. The fight scenes were especially fun.

Play Belle-de-Nuit on Heart's Choice.

Two Peppers: Steamy

Jazz Age by Nicola R. White

Jazz Age by Nicola R. White

This is the only non-fantasy game included here. I have a type. 🤣 But I also watch a ton of cop shows and this story has rebellion at its heart. It was a fun adventure into 1920s New York with a romance I enjoyed.

Play Jazz Age on Heart's Choice

Two Peppers: Steamy

Brimstone Manor by Frances Pauli

Brimstone Manor by Frances Pauli

This was a fun paranormal mystery with magic, angels, and misunderstood demons. I found it a quick and enjoyable read. It's one of the more mild two-pepper games.

Play Brimstone Manor on Heart's Choice.

Two Peppers: Mildly Steamy

Vampire's Kiss by Dash Casey


Vampire's Kiss is a recent release and I quite enjoyed it. Though it's rated three peppers, I think it falls between a two and three pepper heat level. I especially liked the humor in this game.

Play Vampire's Kiss on Heart's Choice.

Three Peppers: Steamy-Sizzling

And now... may I present my first work of interactive fiction.

Their Majesties' Pleasure by Leia Talon

Their Majesties' Pleasure by Leia Talon

This is the game I wrote for Heart's Choice under my fantasy pen name, Leia Talon. It's a fantasy romance action/adventure. Though it's marketed as super-spicy (and those scenes are absolutely available), there is a lot of sweetness to the romance options in this game.

These characters have swagger in spades. The story is adventurous, seductive, playful, and rebellious. If you enjoy fantasy stories with Fae, rogues, treason, and love, definitely try it out. You can try the first few chapters free.

Play Their Majesties' Pleasure on Heart's Choice.

Three Peppers: Scorching Hot 🔥🔥🔥

Whew! That's a lot of games!

Which one seems like it would interest you the most?

Remember, you can try all of these out before deciding if you want to purchase them. The links go to descriptions of the game, which you can start playing immediately.

I hope you give interactive fiction a try. If you have a favorite game, please leave recommendations in the comments!

Thank you for reading! 💖

Whatever happens, keep singing your song!
Peace @Katrina-Ariel / @LeiaTalon

Check out my books!

Author bio: Katrina Ariel is an old-soul rebel, musician, and author of Yoga for Dragon Riders (non-fiction) and Wild Horse Heart (romance). She writes Fantasy as Leia Talon, including Their Majesties' Pleasure interactive fiction, and books: Shelta's Songbook, Falling Through the Weaving, and Dragons in the Weaving. Visit her website at


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This book is very interesting to read. I really love to read and know all about of this book. I am glad that you shared this to us here. 😊

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you found something interesting to read here.

You're welcome. 👍

How interesting, I never knew there was such a thing. That's quite a list of games you managed to put together. Later today when I have some more free time I will check on out!

Thank you! I was pretty amazed when I found interactive fiction. I had no idea it existed, and then I dove into the rabbit hole with vigor and am quite happy with what I found. 😁 I hope you find something you enjoy. It's such a fun way to read.

It should be interesting! Once I get a chance later I'm going to give it a shot.


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I didn't know about interactive fiction. I think it's a new way to live literature. 😃

It really is! It's amazing how many ways there are to enjoy storytelling. Thanks for the kind comment.

ZORK I: The Great Underground Empire

Copyright (c) 1981, 1982, 1983 Infocom, Inc. All rights reserved.

ZORK is a registered trademark of Infocom, Inc.

Revision 88 / Serial number 840726

West of House

You are standing in an open field west of a white house, with a boarded front door.

There is a small mailbox here.

open mailbox

Opening the small mailbox reveals a leaflet.

Sounds like an early example of interactive fiction. Interesting.

Infocom (later bought by Activision) was a big publisher of interactive fiction games in the early days of personal computers. Zork was probably the first to put that term on the map.

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A Vampire's kiss 🦇 or A Pirate's Pleasure? ☠️ Why not both!

Okay, somehow this comment escaped me until now, but absolutely both! 💖