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RE: Three Stories Reviewed for @pibara's Short Story Contest

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Excellent review @agmoore! You carefully and delightfully hit the nail on the head with the three stories. I sense some resistance against my wizard's approach to things. Would you like him to pay you a visit, perhaps? He can be very persuasive. ;)

Kidding aside, you've identified something that is crucial when humans are in trouble. How do we allocate power and decision-making. Do we concentrate power in a single nexus that may turn out to be a mad ahab chasing a white whale, or do we all peacefully and cordially vote ourselves over the cliff? So many conondrums!

I really enjoyed your take on the stories. Great work!


I'm so glad the review pleased you. I'm not inclined to enter contests, but I did want to support the writers, especially since two of you published stories in the Ink Well.

He can be very persuasive.


You can bring him, if he leaves that wand home.

It's a great story. With or without the science, you entertained me.