Tuesdays With Morrie: Book Review & Lessons Learned

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Hello, my dear Hivers! Here I am again for another blog content. How's everyone doing? I hope you all are still in good shape, supercharged and ultimately in-game in accomplishing your task you set for the week. Anyway, the blog that I'm going to share today is another book review. It's going to be very insightful once again. So, should we get started?


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The book that I am talking about is entitled TUESDAYS WITH MORRIE BY MITCH ALBOM. I actually don't have a physical copy of the book but I had a pdf file instead. I'm already done reading it. I guess it was in the middle of 2023. And all I can say, the lessons I picked up from this book are truly inspiring. In some chapters, I even got teary-eyed. It just resonates with me at the highest level.

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The book revolves around a student named Mitch and his Professor named Morrie. After Mich graduated from college, he pursued the path of his choice and it got to the point that he was questioning himself if he really is where he wanted to be. In the search for his real life purpose, he got the saddest news that his favorite professor in college has been struck by a super rare illness, and he's now bedridden. In his pursuit to reconnect, he visits his Professor and it's when he has a full understanding of the real situation. Since then, he has had regular visits to him every Tuesday. And on those Tuesdays, they would talk a lot about life and even stories that Mitch would learn from. In order to keep those lessons to life, Mitch asked the permission of his Professor to have his voice recorded. After 13 Tuesdays of visit, his favorite Professor passed away peacefully. And for Morrie to share the beautiful lessons he got from his Professor, this book was made.

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On the first few pages of the book, I've found a few quotes that struck me the most. One of those is Accept what you are able to do and what you are not able to do. It made me realize that it's okay to not push myself much harder. I have to stick to the things that I am capable of. Also, I had this self reflection. In the past years, I keep on focusing on things that I was only forced to do because it is what the majority has been doing. But then again, I was no longer happy in the process. It's too draining and tiring to put yourself in a place where you are not authentically showing the real you.


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The second quote that I can relate from is this: Sometimes if you cannot believe what you see, you have to believe what you feel. This also resonates with me as most of the time, I trust my intuition. And truly, it worked. Somehow, my intuition leads me to choose the right decision.


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The third quote that resonates with me is this Don't cling to things because everything is impermanent. I super agree! This can be applied in emotions, failures, sufferings and even unfortunate things that transpired in our everyday lives. Everything is temporary! So better embrace inconvenience and the bad things you'll encounter along the way. Things will get better then!


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The fourth quote that I can relate to is this: Maybe death is the great equalizer. This quote gives me so much relief that at the end of the day, death will make us all equal regardless of social status, fame or your achievement. So while still alive, I always champion kindness and choosing to live a good life because at the end of the day—we are all going to die.


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Lastly, the quote that resonates with me goes this way: They don't know what they want in a partner. They don't know who they are themselves—so how can they know who they're marrying?. This quote is somehow an added touch about love and relationship but I'll take it as an advice. This made me realize that I really have to know myself first so that I would also be clear on what kind of partner I am looking for.


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For this book, I would rate it a solid 5 star. I've learned a lot in each chapter and the lessons it conveys to the readers are very timely and super relatable. Valuable lessons about emotions, family, fear, love, relationship, culture and even topics that touch on life—this book has it all. You guys can also grab a copy of this book. I'll assure you, TUESDAYS WITH MORRIE IS WORTH READING!

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That's what I've got for today my dear, Hivers! I hope you enjoyed and learned so much on this blog of mine. Until next time!


A question, what is the name of the app you use to read books without an internet connection?

You loved "Tuesdays with Morrie"! It's about Mitch and his wise professor, Morrie. They have deep chats about life. The quotes in the book made you think. Thanks for sharing @maryjolly!

You're welcome @johnfritz246 !🤗

As I've the read the sypnosis It made me interested to read the book @maryjolly

You must grab a copy now @aisamarie !🤗

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Accept what you are able to do and what you are not able to do.

This is definitely true because we are all different in our own ways. You can't expect yourself to do that certain thing just because others can do it. It's okay to feel like potato sometimes. What really matter are the things that you can do and not the things that you can't.

You are absolutely correct @ridgette ! Thank you also for these words.🤗