Do Me A Favor - Drop Dead

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Once a criminal, always a criminal.

I've always avoided reading crime novels as I don't think I can contain the suspense but one of those boring days got me searching for something. When I found one, I figured it was a crime novel and since I wanted to get rid of boredom so bad, I had to read it. Funny that my first read on the crime genre is way too old. Published five decades ago, I'd say I was excited at first until I read the last line. It's one thing for an author to begin so well and it's another thing to give an abrupt unsatisfactory ending leaving the reader totally disgusted.


Crime novels, scripts, name them, are supposed to be gripping till the last sentence. For instance, the film Money heist is a good example; gripping, suspense filled till the last episode. Definitely worth hyping. A good author/scriptwriter should pity the readers/ audience and at least give a satisfactory ending. Be it tragic, comic or a normal happy ending.

The book “Do Me A Favor-Drop Dead" by James Hadley Chase, ended rather unsatisfactorily and I guess the author wanted to do the thing where the reader ends up guessing the outcome but to be honest it sucked in this one as I was unable to guess out any relevant outcome. Maybe, there's book two but I'm not thrilled enough to look it up.

Keith Devery, the round character, on his arrival at the small town, Wicksteed, supposedly filled with good people, succeeds in earning likes from a few folks who decide to help him get a good life in their little town. He's interested in making money to get back on his feet after five years of being in jail until one day, at a bar, he learns that one Mr Marshall, who happened to be the local drunk, will be inheriting a million dollars from his rich aunt after she passes away.

With his new found knowledge, he gets information from people to be sure that what he heard wasn't a mere speculation. Having confirmed it was indeed a fact, he befriends the drunk man, Marshall and schemes on how to make the million dollars his instead just to get back in the big league. It is when he finally meets Beth Marshall, that his plans on getting back in the big league materializes and he takes it even if it meant him murdering the local drunk, Marshall.

Blinded by the prospect of a million dollars, Devery, rejected good offers for legal cash. Instead, he opted for another man's inheritance. The prologue of this writing states; “once a criminal, always a criminal.” I believe this so much because a jailbird never learns. If an opportunity for a more juicy crime comes up and it seems the plan sketched out would hide them from getting behind bars, they definitely will take it without thinking twice.


Judging out of sentiments, Devery’s indulgence with Beth, Marshall's wife, led to his downfall because if he had left her out of his plan and focused on his goal alone, he maybe would have come out a successful million dollar criminal. But then again, looking at it objectively, the odds were against him as he needed someone or something to back him up lest the cops suspect and go after him and he ends up losing the money and his freedom.

Beth on the other hand, had her own plans and Devery was the bait. She used him without his knowledge to get the money which she's been waiting years for and in a bid to get his share, he uncovers secrets that subsequently led to his fatal fall.

I've censored lots of information about this book so as to not ruin it for those who'd love to read it. What to note is that the book ended inadequately and that's a turn off. It's enjoyable from the beginning but the last line ruined the piece.

I believe the last sentence of any book or piece of writing, is just as important as the first.


So na woman fuck am up😂😭

As she should please 😂😂

Tremendous what happened, they're not one of my favorite works either, but even so the ones I've read at the time, were predictable or boring to me, but I've never found a book whose ending was so discouraging. I completely understand your frustration and I appreciate you sharing it, I sure wouldn't give it a single try haha.

but I've never found a book whose ending was so discouraging.

I wish you don't. I was so pissed at myself for starting the book. Lol

Thank you for stopping by. Pardon me for the late response.

Yay! 🤗
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