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Shop for vegetable and fruit stocks at Suzuya


Hello friends everyone hive lovers 🥰

shopping is something that is very fun for certain people, especially women who really like to shop, ranging from fashion or household needs and so on, I am one of those people who likes to shop for kitchen needs, this time we decided to shop for our kitchen ingredients at a mall in our city, namely in suzuya lhoksemawe

Incidentally, I also want to buy some kitchen equipment that has run out, while also washing my eyes with other fresh vegetables and fruit

different types of mushrooms

The thing that I can't miss when I go to Suzuya is buying enoki mushrooms, because at my place at the traditional market, enoki mushrooms are very difficult to find because nobody sells them, while I look around my mushroom rack, see various types of mushrooms, but it's a shame that mushrooms are too My favorite oysters ran out, but there was one thing that caught my attention, namely pickled mushrooms




there are various kinds of mushrooms, including mushrooms:

  • mushroom oyster

  • round mushroom

  • blooming mushroom

  • mushroom




and each of them has many more mushroom variants, but I am very curious about the pickled mushroom taste because I have never tried it, next time I will try it so I am no longer curious about the taste

different types of oranges

let's move on to our discussion of citrus fruits, I also bought valencia oranges and honey murcot oranges, I really like the texture of citrus fruits, the aroma is very distinctive and the fruit is also a bit sweet and sour. I really like this one orange, incidentally, this type of orange here is very complete, I bought valencia suntkis oranges and honey murcot oranges









This honey murcot orange tastes very sweet, it is very suitable to be served as juice, of course the taste will be very fresh

then I turned to the kitchen spices section, here there are very complete various kinds of spices and instant seasonings available, but I only bought tomatoes and chilies and a few other spices, but I didn't buy much, just enough, because there are still some stocks at home that I haven't finished




that's all my short story about shopping for fresh vegetables and fruit at Suzuya, lhoksemawe, apart from the cheap prices here, there are also lots of discounts, so I'm very happy to shop for fruit and vegetables here and the quality is still fresh


Good afternoon @aera8

I see you had a lot of fun shopping, that's great!

I wanted to ask you something, are you participating in the current vegan contest with this post?

Good afternoon mom glad her presence,this post is for mom contest as other participants come up with shopping post for vegans is mom still valid her contest?

I think you got confused. It is that every time we call the contest, we change the subject. The one this week, the one that is in effect, is peppers, not oranges, mushrooms, or fruits. Here I share the post that is currently in force.

Hi mom, @sirenahippie sorry am me profusely for being wrong about this, hope to be multiplied, sorry, and in the future I will try my best🙏🙏

Don't worry, we are all learning. These contests are always open, you will participate later. Greetings.

Thank you very much mother I hope like that and always given the opportunity to be able to participate

wow everything looks so fresh

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