My Veggie Shopping (Beans)

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Excellent evening, #plantpowervegan #community.

The weekly or biweekly shopping, according to the budget of each person or also the time allotted for it varies for each person. I used to buy vegetables and grains because they had already run out and it is necessary to eat them to strengthen our body.

I grew up in a home where grains were an almost obligatory part of the diet, I remember that there were so many of us at home that my mother would cook up to two kilos of white beans, white beans, or the popular black beans. According to what was available at the time.


I love black caraota, and it was always the bean I cooked the most at home, always with garlic, chili, onion, salt, and cumin. Without a lot of stuff. My kids got used to eating it salted and they love it. I don't know if they eat black beans where they live, but I know they do.

I went to the nearest Chinese store (for personal reasons I can't go any further), there I went to the bean section, I found not much variety, maybe they don't buy them much?... I was looking for Pantera brand beans because I think they are very soft when cooked and have a very good taste. I didn't have them, other beans did. As I was looking for black beans I took the ones I found.



I found a company called Alvarigua that step by step is placing its products; the challenge remains to know if they are fresh and soft as those of the other company. I took them, paid, and went on my way to make other necessary purchases of vegetables.

It was a rainy day, so I could not stray too far from my space.

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Esa marca también se está entendiendo aquí en Mérida! Aún no los he usado, nos cuentas qué tal te va

Claro. Tambièn quiero saber como salen.

Caraotas are delicious, at home we eat them sweet, with some extra sugar, hahaha.


Yes, everything is according to each person's taste. I usually add the touch of sugar when I cook them, never on the beans. That's how my mother used to prepare them.


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Hola, en casa tampoco faltaron las caraotas. Cuando vivía con mi madre, de vez en cuando preparaba las judías negras, a veces rojas, en sopas y también guisadas con arroz. Te queda probar esta marca para saber si no necesitan mucha candela para que se ablanden. Saludos.

Si, claro.

Good buy, my friend!
At home also my mom made a lot especially on weekends, I loved them all, but my favorite were the red beans, now I changed and I love the black ones.
By the way I also like the pantera brand better.


amiga a mi tambien me encantan las caraotas son mu sabroasas, yo le pongo azucar

Qué delicia a quien no le encantas las caraotas negras totalmente exquisitas

Asì mismo es.


Saludos amiga

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