Your Veggie Shopping (Vegan Cheese)

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Hello plant based foodies, wherever you are in the world!

Here @sirenahippie

Today we bring you a new edition of this vegan challenge YOUR VEGGIE SHOPPING, an activity that we have created, to learn more about the shopping experience that all of you, dear users, have when supplying food your pantry, either in the markets, in the different commercial establishments or directly in the field, with the producers.

In the previous edition, dedicated to the purchase of CAPERS, we had a total of 7 entries, both very interesting and wonderful. Here we present them:




(Esp/Eng) Nuevo Reto número 23: Mis compras vegana (Alcaparras) / New Challenge number 23: My vegan shopping (Capers) | by @josdelmi


[ENG|ESP] New challenge week 23, The challenge of buying only capers | by @dlizara


Esp/Eng My challenge entry: Your vegetable shopping (capers). | by @yessi08


My vegan purchase week 23 (Capers).|| [ESP/ ENG] | by @delvallecedeno


My Veggie Shopping (Capers)[Eng/Esp] | by @mercmarg


✨️My veggie shopping (Capers) and my pleasant experience selecting and preserving them✨️. [Eng][Esp] | by @elamaria


Your Veggie Shopping (Capers) // I buy them this way [ENG-ESP] | by @hylene74


We have decided that on this occasion, each participant receives prizes of: 50 foodie tokens, and 1 token $hive as gift. Today we will be sending a small amount of HP to the wallet of each of the participants, courtesy of our witness @sagarkothari88


Below are the transfers of the prizes to the participants




Cheeses are products known basically for being products of animal origin. Obtained from the processing of milk from cows, buffaloes, goats, sheep, etc., they are products NOT ACCEPTED IN VEGANISM. However, in the vegan world there are also cheeses, all of 100% VEGETABLE ORIGIN. Whether it is processing nuts, grains, cereals, vegetables, there are delicious and very nutritious vegan alternatives. Therefore, for this new challenge, corresponding to activity 24, we want to go shopping with you, but ONLY TO BUY VEGAN CHEESE. In this post you will not include any other type of food or fruit, only VEGAN CHEESE. We also want you to give us advice on buying and storing this food.



  • Only one post per participant will be accepted.

  • Post must be published in this Plant Power (Vegan) community.

  • Please be original - no old content and nothing plagiarized – no AI! (The charge incurred in these practices will be disqualified).

  • You must appear in at least two (2) photos making your veggie shopping of raisins.

  • The post must have a minimum length of 300 words in English, (it can be a bilingual post too)

  • You will tell us about VEGAN CHEESE, as we indicated in the paragraph before this section.

  • You must show your purchases.

  • Use the tags: #vegan #foodie #veggieshopping in the first five places.

  • Engage with others!

  • Drop your link below - no link, no entry!

  • This contest ends on Saturday, March 9, 2024 at 23:59 hours


  • We are sponsored by the witness @sagarkothari88, who will support this contest by sending HP to the participants. He has supported us extensively in the Plant Power (Vegan) community, demonstrating his interest in the Hive ecosystem growing and becoming stronger. We invite you to visit his blog to learn about his wonderful work, and also give him your support with your vote, as a witness.
  • We have foodie token to participants.
  • The winners will be announced in the next post.


We look forward to your participation!


Delegations welcome!

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Gracias, muchas gracias

Agradecida por el apoyo brindado @plantpower(vegan).! Es un gusto para mi hacer vida en está maravilloso comunidad.!

Yay! 🤗
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Thank you very much for the mention @plantpoweronhive

I would love to participate in this new vegan challenge, but so far I haven't seen any place where they sell vegan cheese, I will have to investigate.
greetings 😊

You're welcome @carisma77 and we look forward to your participation!

Buenas noches @josdelmi @dlizara @yessi08 @delvallecedeno @mercmarg @elamaria @hylene74

Por favor revisen sus respectivas wallets. En estos momentos fue enviada una porción de HP, cortesía de nuestro testigo desarrollador @sagarkothari88

Agradecida, muchísimas gracias

Amiga gracias por apoyar mi contenido y muy agradecida @sagarkothari88 por est porción de HP.

Gracias , muchas gracias. Bendiciones.

Muchas gracias, saludos

How exciting! Although a challenge for me, as I haven't seen vegan cheese other than in online stores; I'll pay attention, and maybe I'll find some plant-based cheese to share here and add to my recipes 😁


You might get a vegan cheese. Good luck in your search. Greetings.