Are you a cryptocurrency Maximalist!

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The world of cryptocurrency, the blockchain and perhaps even Web 3.0 began with ideas of freedom, independence, diversity of thought, opinions and ideas. The original creators approached the problems they saw in the worlds economy from diverse view points and perspectives. They used different methods, utilized different skills and produced different products, but most saw this as good.

From this cryptocurrency primordial soup arose the diverse collection of cryptocurrency tokens and projects we now have, and this soup has also given rise to new words and attitudes that I see as antithical to the thoughts, ideas and freedoms which created this diverse world.


A person who sees one tool, vehicle or strategy as the one path to success.

Are you a maxamist?

  • Do you have a tool, collection of tools, a strategy or collection of strategies which you see as the only pathway to success?


  • The person or persons who insult, disparage, attack and are otherwise very unpleasant and intolerrant of those who think differently from you, or don’t share your viewpoint about a tool, strategy or collection of tools or strategies.

Toxic Maximist

A person who is intolerant of and disparaging of ideas which are not part of the tool, strategy, collection of tools or strategies they have chosen as their exclusive or semi-exclusive pathway to success.

  • Are you a toxic maximalist?


  • The ability to look within ourselves and see our behavior, beliefs, habits, strengths and weaknesses.

  • This is a skill which I think we all possess, but not all use or deploy.
  • Certainly all of us are theoretically capable of introspection, but I feel in many it’s a potentiality, not an actuality.
  • Perhaps we can all practice it more, and thus learn more about ourselves and how our interactions effect others and their perception of us.

I think Maximalism is a problem

  • People who see the world from a maximalist perspective sometimes remind me of people who see the world in black and white.
  • Not only are they extremely reductive in their view of the world, but they are robbing themselves of the joy of color.
  • I avoid them, but also feel sorry for them, because I believe diversity of thought gives us a 360 degree view on problems.
  • And I see that360 view as more accurate and thus leading to better solutions.


The diverse set of ideas, hopes, dreams, and approaches the trailblazers of cryptocurrency possessed are part of the amazing fabric of both our history and our future. Limiting ourselves to one set of ideas or strategies is a firm of self-deprivation of thoughts, ideas and strategies to achieve goals. I don’t think it helps anyone.

Penned by my hand 29 January 2022.



Human tribalism always tends to lean towards maximalism, I think the rational, clear thinking realists understand that this is not a very realistic approach and therefore incorrect...

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Yes well we are entering an entirely new realm so we have to think about things differently.

Tribalism is natural for humans it seems. However, digital networks will operate in ways we cannot imagine and will not even notice.

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I really thought this post would go right over my head, as a new person to crypto, but I think I get it. Thanks

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Thank you, I am glad the post helped you.

I think maximalism is also an issue. I don't think a single crypto can solve every single issue. So people will choose the crypto that fits the problem or use that they need.

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True, in rational worlds people don’t attempt to fit round plugs in square holes! LOL
Part of this rationale process requires the ability to see the roundness and squareness. :)

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Online is rarely rational.

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No I think the answer is cryptocurrency in general, not one single token.

There is going to be a large cross section of applications and games. It will be fun to watch.

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I'm a cryptocurrency enthusiast and advocate but not a cryptocurrency maximalist. Being a maximalist closes your eyes and mind from other profitable ventures and businesses. So, while pitching my tent in cryptocurrency, I equally have plans of venturing into other sectors.

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Smart strategy.

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Thanks for the compliment

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Well I think cryptocurrency is going to solve a lot of issues. Of course, the ventures and businesses you are referring to might well be crypto related in the near future.

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Don't forget there are lots and different types of offline businesses and not all will be crypto-related. Okay let's just say that could happen but it will take years.

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That is true but we are going to see a lot of non digital items join.

I just did a video about a house in Florida that is being turned into a NFT. This is not going to replace the deed transfer process but is a step forward.

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Wawu! That's a huge one

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I like your strategy, it’s wise to have passion, but diversify a bit, and don’t close your mind to other possibilities!

Exactly! You can't just bank on cryptocurrency alone even though it is a profitable venture. Take out profits and invest in something else. That way, you will have a multiple income source.

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Well said, multiple streams of income, like back up plans, because life is unreliable.

I think you are on the path to success. I could have said it better.

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My pleasure

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I would describe myself as a cryptocurrency (and blockchain) fighter, or as @tomlee said, an advocate for crypto in general... I don't think about advocating just one coin, or project, but the whole blockchain movement as I find it very important for our future... Maybe that makes me a cryptocurrency maximalist, but at this point of standing, I don't see any other valid solution to our current problems...

I would describe myself as a cryptocurrency (and blockchain) fighter,...

Maybe that could be summed up as a freedom fighter.

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Well said... as blockchain tech gave us choice... a thing that we didn't have for a long time... And having a choice is the first step of freedom!

Without a doubt. This all is wrapped into freedom.

We are doing this for millions (even billions) globally. The key is to start the process one person at a time. Hive is already changing lives which is an important fact.

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Well said

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It’s encouraging to see so many advocates for diversity in thought and choices, as in removing limitations in terms of solutions to problems.

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A very important topic to discuss. Anything that limits choices or solutions should be minimized.

Cryptocurrency is far too big to be considered just for one chain. This is where the maxis make a mistake.

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I agree.
Thank you.

Well said @cryptowendyo
Its to big to voluntarily set limitations on ourselves or accept the limitations placed on us by others.

I agree that maximalism is a problem. From a simple bandwidth standpoint, we are going to need a lot of blockchains; there isnt one that can handle the volume of even a fraction of the centralized world.

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Very true. I think the founder of Ethereum has acknowledged this fact. I heard him say that Ethereum was moving beyond a Layer One existence of one blockchain, to a Layer Two Existence of many blockchains, as the ultimate form of scaleability.

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I think the SpkNetwork guys are onto something. We are going to see data that is not vital moved off chain and only that which is crucial, and someone is willing to pay for, will be on chain.

The next couple years should be very interesting to see how all this unfolds.

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That sounds interesting. The ability to break up blockchain functions and processes and move them around is a cool way to deal with issues. Thinking outside the box.

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I see myself as a technology maximalist , but definately a crypto maxiamalist. I think that cryptocurrency and the blockchain do everything better!
However I am not a token maximalist, because Bitcoin and Ether, for example do one thing very well, BItcoin and store of value, Ethereum a facilitator of financial tools. Different chains, different strengths. I like choice and diversity of options.

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I can agree with you about technology. Of course, there is a long track record of technology pushing humanity forward. There is no reason to believe that it will stop.

And here we are with cryptocurrency which is also technology.

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Agreed, I love that thoght, a long history of technology pushing mankind forward.

MAximalism it always was a problem outside crypto world so it is also a problem in crypto world.

I really dont know how a person become a maximalist even when it is proof the ecosystem needs more development and it cannot be done in that project.

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It’s ironic how people leave the legacy system, but can’t let go of some of its ideas…

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