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Moving on with my series of readings for other countries. This time, the Runes speak about the situation of Argentina, currently immersed in a process that we Venezuelans know all too well: inflation, sociopolitical conflict and divisionism. Fortunately, not everything is terrible and the reading ends with a great prospect.

Ansuz inverted

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The discourse is stuck in topics of the past, Argentinian citizens finds it difficult to have faith in those who speak and there's an increasingly general tendency to shout others down or discredit them with insults and falsehoods. Many noble ideas worthy of being shared are therefore sideswiped or contaminated by repression and forceful silence, which affects Argentinian society from the home and the school to the halls of debate. Stories that should be discussed openly are still told in whispers to avoid adverse responses, especially in the offices of companies and institutions. Disinformation takes on a greater impetus and harms not only those being manipulated but also those seeking to manipulate, revealing an absence of control over confronted narratives at the sociopolitical and economic level. The recommendation of this Rune is to pay great attention to words and to question their origin, to not trust renegotiations of meaning, to listen to more than one perspective and to search for more than one source of information. Ansuz is the Rune of Odin and the message of the god for Argentina is to soften speech, it's better to not say anything than to utter insults or vulgarities that might cause damage that may be difficult to repair between friends and relatives, or which might be used against the speakers. It isn't an auspicious moment to keep vital secrets from those who are reliable, the more genuine trust is developed, the better the nation will be able to overcome this nebulous and confusing transit.


Isa Argentina.png

The Rune restates the message of stagnation and hindrance as well as the warning about lies and disinformation. During the coming months and years, Argentina will begin experiencing a gradual shutdown of limits, roads and borders, an impediment to transit and the deepening of material separations between regions, as well as greater social division. The national identity is in a critical spot, the Rune speaks of great emotional dams that are showing leakage and may break down at any moment, already unable to hold back old hatreds, anger and resentment; increasingly aggressive instructions are issued from the seats of power to force obedience and attempt to impose a culture of fear of open communication, measures of control that reduce administrative efficacy, slow down legal proceedings, compromise the integrity of the judicial branch and make State bureaucracy even more incoherent. The rise in price controls, financial restrictions and the abuses of authorities promote an environment of general rebellion that evidences severe flaws in the perception that Argentinians have about their country and society. Isa strongly recommends the exercise of imagination through creative activities, a greater effort in recovering individual balance and the healing of issues with the bone structure, especially vertebrae and legs, as well as the relaxation of personal boundaries for interaction and sharing.


Uruz Argentina.png

After the strongest process of energy reconfiguration which will express itself in road and infrastructure difficulties, chaos in the streets and climate problems, Argentina crosses a threshold toward a space of much greater vitality and potency in which wounds may be healed and connections may be strengthened. The path won't be easy and it'll involve many clashes both at the material and spiritual levels, but it'll leave the nation in a much more favorable situation by forcing citizens to abandon loads and cleanse pathways. Agriculture, livestock farming, green technologies and the means for the generation of renewal energy will gradually gain more power in the country, favoring other kinds of economy and commerce with a healthier and more sensible approach. The recommendation of Uruz for Argentinians is to start changing feeding habits and increasing the frequency and intensity of physical exercise, as well as visiting more monuments and national parks to recover vigor and disconnect from time to time from the noise of cities.

This was the Rune reading for Argentina. Hopefully, it'll be useful to those who come across it. Even if you don't personally live in that country, you might know someone who does, in which case I encourage you to share these words with them. One important aspect of these readings is that they'll begin to reveal patterns in how world events are connected regardless of physical location. Stand ready for my reading on the United States, coming soon! Thank you for stopping by!