What is your relationship with your parents? (Cross Culture Question #2)

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Sometimes the best way to grow your value and appreciation for the people who have contributed to your life is to take out some times and just think about them in a very special and unique way. You see I learned that forgetful people are ungrateful people and I think it is best to rather be grateful than otherwise so I will be answering these questions as a sign of my appreciation to my parents.


The world has been thrown into a very pitiable state just because we think that we can shield morals with materialism.

I remember while I was growing up, one of the things the learned from my mum particularly was that parenting is a joint responsibility while the biological parents have a greater part of the responsibility to take. What I could understand from that was that one biological parent could be morally bankrupt, but another on the street isn't so then it is okay if your child receives a spang in the ass for misbehaving hence the reason I made that statement in the paragraph before this one.

For the records, I am super excited to be a part of this contest cause I think this is just about strengthening my bond and love for my parents again especially my mum.

The Questions

Cross Culture Questions 2
1 What role do/did your parents play in your life?
2 Has your relationship with your parents changed over the years?
3 Is there anything you wish your parents would do (or would have done) differently?
4 How are you similar to your parents?
5 How are you different from your parents?
6 Do you prefer a more involved relationship with your parents or more distance?

Q 1

What role do/did your parents play in your life?


The role of Birth

The very first role my mum played in my life is the role of giving birth to me. Sincerely I wouldn't be here today not to mention being on Hive to join this contest if my mum had not given birth to me. I can't forget this. You see babies are like imaginations in the mind of God and I believe that we all believe in the existence of God. It takes just the right womb to carry the fetus and am super excited that my mum played the first and most important role in birthing me.

Secondly is the role of giving me a moral upbringing. I personally don't like comparison but in this case, I think that telling this little story will make us understand what am trying to explain here.

When I was in high school, I had this fella who was my closest homie but he had a very questionable character because he never saw anything wrong with picking another person's property simply because he was always defended by the mum. Meanwhile, my mum would always discipline me mercilessly for picking another person's property.

My mum was the first person to teach me how to read my bible because according to her she said that all I needed to live are in there.
There are actually an innumerable number of roles they played in my life but for the now the last role is the role of loving me. It was the love they had for me that made them tolerate my excesses and instead of yelling at me for every slightest mistake I made. There is a force in love I believe that if we persist can change ugly situations into good ones.

I was never a good fella but what brought the change was the love my parent had for me and my siblings. I remember some time ago during a rainy season, my dad was on the street of my city sourcing for funds just to put food on our table. The rain was really a troubling one. It got the whole place folding and obviously, some persons lost valuable assets but still, my dad was out there on the street under that rain looking for what his children will eat. I wasn't really from a rich family therefore we didn't really have everything at our beg and call so dad had to put his hand into the plow and not look back just for us to live. Am feeling really emotional writing this now...


Has your relationship with your parents changed over the years?

Yes, the relationship has changed over the years but not in the native but in the positive as I am now the one trying to reciprocate all the kind gestures of my parents, especially my mum. I think that relationships should always get better over time and severed. If my relationship with my parents is having me still dependent on them for everything now then nothing tangible has happened in my life over the years and their efforts just did make any sense then.

Q 3

Is there anything you wish your parents would do (or would have done) differently?

There is just one thing I wished my mum would have done right and that is to have married right. My mum wasn't properly married to my father and that has brought a lot of disrespect to her
Understand me please, am not saying that marriage is bound to fail if the marriage was not properly done all am saying is that there are societal standards to observe in others to earn respect and honor as a woman and these were the things my dad never did that afterward brought so much tragedy to my mum.

Now marriage is honorable we all know but only when it is done in the right way and the bed undefiled.
I wish she would have married right.

Q 4

How are you similar to your parents?

Like they say that likes beget likes..... I know one very profound thing about my mum and that's that she chooses prayers above assuming and in that aspect of life I know I am similar to her.
She is highly an appreciative person and you just can't separate me from appreciating people and mine can sometimes be very crazy as I appreciate the people that hurt me too.
A positive mind crowns my parent's personality and so am I and not only me, all my siblings too. See a lion doesn't behave like a goat, it is just not fitting.
Contentment and satisfaction are what we hold on a high premium even while we are striving for the top.
Follow peace with all men is one thing I have in common with my parents but I seem not to like it sometimes because it makes people see me as a weakly.

Q 5

How are you different from your parents?

Yes, I am different from my parents in some ways especially in the path of purpose and destiny. I have grown to understand that no two persons have the same destiny. There are other ways am different from my parents, for example, my mum has this thing about hating people who hate her not unforgiving per se but just being careful and as such don't talk to people they have issues with but I personally don't have much time as I don't even hate anybody.

Q 6

Do you prefer a more involved relationship with your parents or more distance?

Time and chance happen to everyone and just as it happened that made them parents, it will definitely happen to me also but then in a way, I would say yes and on the other hand no. Yes because they have now become my responsibility and being distant from them means failing on my responsibilities to them as a grown-up child and No because there will always come a time in a man's life where one must get actively involved in a relationship with another person and being more close to your parents at such times might cause a dwindle in your commitment towards the one you love because our parents will always have certain desires for us and if we seem to refuse their desires, it may bring about a bridge in our relationship with them.

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