What is your relationship with your parents? (Cross Culture Question #2)

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Good day everyone,

I came across these interesting questions initiated by @selfhelp4trolls about our relationship with our parents and I couldn't help but talk about mine.

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What role did your parents play in your life?

My parents play a vital role in my life,most especially my mum. She is my role model and the strongest woman I have ever known. She provides me with everything I needed even before I asked for it,she showers me with love and support and also make sacrifices for me as well. I could remember while I was in primary school I was a dullard ,I failed lots of subjects,but instead of mum to make a mockery out of me like other teachers and students did,she stood by me and try to understand what was wrong with me ,she paid for me to start going for special lessons and with time I became better in my studies.

You might be surprised I didn't talk about my dad. Well growing up it felt as if I didn't even have a dad,not because he was dead but because we where not talking and also I didn't even know how he looks like all I knew was that he was paying my school Fees. Back then when I was little and I see other children playing with their dads ,I always wished I also had one who I could share my joy and sorrows with. Later on I found out that he and mum decided to part ways because he chose to marry another lady.

Has your relationship with your parents changed over the years?

My relationship with my dad has changed over the years , initially he quit paying my school fees while I was in primary 4 which was about 9 years from now,we didn't tok ,he never phone and I never phone him either . After I graduated from secondary school I decided to send him the result of my final exams and that was when we started talking again and as a matter of fact he pays part of my school fees in the university. Now we talk very often he calls me from time to time ,and I also call him too.

I don't think my relationship with my mum has changed expect from that she now thinks I have grown up and that I have to do all things myself. She still calls me as usual to know where I am,what I am doing,if I am reading ,if I am saving my money and all that. At times she won't stop talking on the phone ,each time I notice this I try to find excuses for her to end the call like a teacher is in my class now or I will call you back later am busy. You will agree with me that mother's are loving and caring individuals .

Is there anything you wished your parents will do (or would have done differently.

As I said earlier,my mum and dad separated while I was a kid,and so I had to live with my mum. If I had grown up with my dad by my side or with us then I think might have been a better person than I am today .So I wished my parents never decided to part ways.

How are you similar to your parents?

I look much more like my Dad,I am just a replica of him .We are both tall,and handsome. We both like girls/women alot and also like driving.

My mum and I are similar too,when it comes to our desire to travel everywhere,and also we both don't like watching movies.

How are you different from your parents?

My dad was much smarter than I am and also more driven and ambitious than I am. My dad is an As patient while I am an AA patient.

My mum is also more driven and ambitious than i am. She is also more hardworking, religious and cares about people alot than I do.

Do you prefer a more involved relationship with your parents or more distance?

I prefer a more involved relationship with my parents ,from what I have said it shows I would love us to live together as one and share my joy and sorrows with both them around me.

But I don't think that will be possible he has another wife and they also have 5 kids so I wouldn't want us to live together under one roof as that would make us a polygamous family which could bring chaos and problems to my mum and my other siblings.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day❤️.


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