Cross Culture Question #2: What is your relationship with your parents.

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Here's my entry for the Cross Culture Question 2, discussing about the prompt "What is your relationship with your parents".
In this entry I discussed about these questions by answering these questions.

Hightlighting in a particular order;
•What role do/did your parents play in your life.
•Has your relationship with your parents changed over the years.
•Is there anything you wish your parents would do (or would have done) differently.
•How are you similar to your parents
•How are you different from your parents
•Do you prefer a more involved relationship with your parents or more distance.

I hope you enjoy watching this video 😁.

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Quality video bro, I understand what you meant by saying parents often force their kids to go to church. I believe godliness is a personal journey and relationship with God and not religion. However it stems from a sociocultural inclination. We're church goers in Nigeria despite the fact that it doesn't guarantee godliness. The video is quality. Welcome back, it's been too long.

On what iPhone did you shoot this?

@tipu curate for your efforts

Thanks man!🙌🏾

Exactly, I try to make them see that going go church doesn’t guarantee godliness but it turns out I’m speaking rubbish to them. Lol..

I use Iphone XR and my LED light (given no power supply and it was night ) shooting the video.

but it turns out I’m speaking rubbish to them. Lol..

Hahah well that's African parents for you.

I use Iphone XR

Well the video came out really good, sincerely and it'll be good to have you upload your videos quite often, you know. Cheers for the awesome contents.

Yeah, one of the things I’m looking at implementing is been consistent over here. Just the way I’m active on Instagram (I can input some of those energy to this community).

Although it seems I can’t find my way round here like I use to (like using tools to be more efficient).

Unchenna get spirit-coco parents. It's a wawu.

I came from a traditional family (maybe not so traditional) but I was very rebellious and was able to break out. I do get where our parents' plight and how their upbringing impacted their relationship with their kids. I don't judge them for that. I am happy knowing they did the best they could. Nice video

Lmaooo 😂😂😂

I think why I haven’t been able to break out is as a result my avoidance to problem and nagging. They know how to turn everything into an issue and I’m not ready for that.
Just recently my dad said I should join in drinking Zobo cooked with Aloe vera, ginger, garlic and kola.
I was like hell no please, the next thing that was how he started an episode.

Thank you! ✌🏾