Satu Nama Tetap di Hati - EYE - cover by: @amrinal21 // in English: “One Name Forever in My Heart”

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Hallo everyone, My name is Amrinal. I a musician from Indonesia. My hobby is singing and playing guitar.
I am so glad to join in this platform, this is the best place form me to show my singing talent to many music lovers and audience from all over the wolrd.
For my first content, I will cover a Malaysian song. This song was very popular in 90's in Malaysia, even to my country Indonesia. This song belong to a Malaysian band, called EYE.
Very famous band in 90's the title of the song is "Satu Nama Tetap di Hati". in English means... "One Name Will Always in My Heart".
The theme of this song is about broken heart left by a lover because of a situation.

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Hello @jcrodriguez thanks for your sugestion. I will complete my introduction post soon..