Original music - Concept Monolith: FFW in RW SloMo - MIDI/MP3 samples provided

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I wanted to make something different beside just writing the science fiction, so I took an afternoon off and composed a theme for one of my fiction stories.

The title of the story serial is Founding Fathers of Imperial Future and this new part that I am currently writing is called Concept Monolith. Some parts of my stories are published already on Hive.

In short it is a story about the time travel and being time locked with the distant date in the year 3856 AC.

FFW in RW SloMo is a theme composition about, not traveling towards the future event, but returning from them.
That's why an audio has a weird disturbing sound and harsh undertones.

I hope you will enjoy the composition.

I listed what I used down in the Instrument list and if interested you can visit the original page which I am hosting on GitHub, to listen or download the samples. Webpage that I made has no tracking. I provided a feedback form. Comments are fully anonymos. You c an checkcode.
I also accept donations in HIVE, BCH and XDG.


Strings: simple string theme, Cinematic, MIDI provided plus original sounds mp3 ina link below.

Drum pad: low tom and kick, low compressor with underground effect, 3 overlapping instances in the beginning, short exit with 2 tone overlaps then 1 instance on the end with slomo, MIDI sequence and original sound provided

Overlay effect, MIDI and MP3 provided, best used with percussion instruments, like xylophone and similar

The entire collection of sounds MIDI plus original composition website

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That is cool, how knowledgeable and resourceful you are with content creation!

Thanks. Let's say that I want to do many things in short time.

Hi aschatria,

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