Hermit Lake **High Alpine 11,400' Colorado**

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It takes either a Jeep or good ATV about 1 hr. to drive up to this place as the road is extreemly rocky the whole way. What a sight. After the drive you have a 1/2 mile walk to see this place.

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Its such a amazing place and earth is always beautiful.

Wow! Nice spot you've found there Mr Nutz! Glad you are enjoying the great outdoors!

WOW! Thank you for sharing!!

Driving through this place won't be easy for a novice driver. That place is sweet looking, nature is beautiful.

Very beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I’m stuck in Singapore. An island near the equator. Not much chance of traveling due to many constraints.

Damn, that place is incredibly tranquil. I bet the air is perfectly pure there. What a sight.

I can't even describe what its like. its not easy to get to but it is really worth it.

the scenery is so majestic, it's so beautiful

Wow reminds me of the Grand Messa. So peaceful. :) !LUV !PIZZA !BEER






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Good to see you posting again, it's been a while.

Admiration!Beautiful video.I love mountains,a lot of beauty there,almost like in our mountains in Bulgaria.Have a nice weekend.Thanks!

Wow the view is so lovely . Hope you could enjoy fishing and photography .The video is not longer but still the quality of picture is awesome.

I love lake and mountains I have a plan to visit one before weekend if I have a speedy recovery, I love your pictures, @broncnutz

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What kind of fish are in it? Trout?